What Is IT Support, and How Can Your Business Benefit from It?

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What Is IT Support, and How Can Your Business Benefit from It?
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: August 27, 2022

The digital age has turned IT support into an essential component for modern businesses.

But what is IT support? What does IT support mean for your business? It keeps vulnerabilities and threats at bay, keeping your business seamlessly operational daily. It also addresses tech concerns encountered by employees, finding them immediate solutions.

Suppose one workday at home, and you get disconnected from the office network. You attempt multiple DIY troubleshooting methods to no avail. You decide to ask for help. In this case, your company’s IT department has the most appropriate support and solution for you.

For today’s organizations, especially with the growing popularity of remote work, the reliance on IT support provided by the best tech support companies has become undeniable.


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What is IT Support?

IT support involves providing technology-related assistance to organizations or individuals. It encompasses hardware setup, software installation, technical support, and computer network maintenance and configuration. These ensure that an IT infrastructure is functioning at its full capacity.

What Does IT Support Do?

The role of IT support in your company is to enable the efficient and quick execution of processes, in turn enhancing your business’s competitive advantage. Influencing critical business decisions and helping maximize profitability comprise the responsibilities of your in-house IT department or an outsourced IT services provider.

These are the main accountabilities of IT support:


IT administrators are the go-to personnel when another employee needs IT issues resolved. They assist new team members in equipment setup and tool navigation.

There are system administrators and network administrators. They have similar, overlapping roles that vary in focus. Either job can perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Keeping your company’s computer infrastructures up-to-date
  • Helping new users with hardware and software concerns
  • Training other departments on business-specific computer systems
  • Updating cloud-based platforms
  • Renewing software licenses
  • Organizing IT-related legal documents
  • Monitoring supplier contracts
  • Ensuring mandatory forms are completed
  • Evaluating potential threats
  • Supervising data storage

Tech Support

Technical support specialists handle errors related to software and hardware problems. Besides providing troubleshooting assistance, they perform the following duties:

  • Hardware and software installation
  • Supplies research and procurement
  • Assets inventory management
  • Backup and recovery of cloud computing assets
  • Fixing network errors
  • Phone system configuration
  • Serving as a point of escalation
  • Audio and video conferencing assistance
  • Equipment repair


There are several occasions in a business setting that require IT support professionals to help facilitate communication among staff members and external parties involved.

For instance, a department needs to meet with a prospective client through web conferencing. Your IT team is trained to ensure that the connectivity will be smooth and successful. They remain on standby to bring the connection back up in case it fails.

Listed here are more details on how IT support is tied to communication:

  • Point-to-point conference call preparation
  • Email system maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Communication consultancy with other team heads and employees
  • Security system coordination for adding or removing user access
  • End-user support for apps and tools
  • Data resource backup creation
  • New data and system uploading


IT support staff is skilled in web development, software engineering, and programming. They translate design ideas into a legible coding language, such as HTML, PHP, C++, JavaScript, and Linux. Other areas the IT department supports are:

  • Business application development and enhancement
  • Productivity software and database development
  • File conversion into electronic documents
  • Graphic editing
  • IT knowledge implementation


The successful creation of a user-friendly and responsive business website is a product of collaborative effort between your IT support team and other departments. They work synergistically to implement the overall vision for your site.

IT personnel work behind the scenes to:

  • Configure the website layout
  • Write the website code
  • Implement this code
  • Test web page usability
  • Test the website functionalities for a great UX/UI experience
  • Maintain the organization’s internal network or intranet
  • Convert application concepts into a workable programming code
  • Research, propose, and implement website and app specifications and functions
  • Document SOPs for end-users

Usage Monitoring

IT support can step in to identify the causes of blunders. By monitoring resource usage by employees and customers, they can determine where data breaches originate or if a human error has occurred.

Training and Education

You can conduct an organization-wide training and development project with a dedicated tech support department. Your IT group can:

  • Educate all end-users on proper hardware handling
  • Orient the company on sensitive information security and data restoration
  • Perform knowledge transfer on the technicalities involved in general computer usage

What Does IT Support Mean for Your Business?

IT support is at the forefront of digitalization and its fast-paced transformations. These are the benefits every aspect of your enterprise can gain from leveraging reliable IT support:

ROI Boost

Investing in effective IT support significantly reduces your data center downtime. It decreases problem resolution time that can otherwise cost your business exorbitant amounts of resources.

Your teams can get the most out of your systems, tools, and applications. This helps improve employee performance and other profit-generating components of your company. With a high-performing IT team’s platform management, you also cut down the system maintenance expenses.

Speed and Innovation

Double down on your business process agility through unrestricted technological enhancements. These will help avoid system interruptions, if not eliminate them altogether.

Fortified Cybersecurity

Get top-notch data security and protect valuable information from malicious infiltration. Your IT support can:

  • Ward off online threats and potential attacks
  • Set up a strong antivirus program
  • Secure your entire computing system from malware
  • Encrypt highly-sensitive data
  • Further your cybersecurity measures


The ever-changing technologies are the main drivers behind businesses. Companies depend heavily on IT evolution and tech advancements to stay competitive and succeed. Your IT support is invaluable in efficiently assessing, testing, and integrating new systems and tools into your organization so you can advance your vision and goals.

Business Scaling

When you automate cloud-based IT services, task assignment, and incident identification, you also speed up the resolution of possible problems that can impact your operations. In turn, you can experience faster business growth.

Worry-Free Management

Management teams can concentrate on business aspects requiring the urgent attention of leaders.

IT support takes numerous tech-related responsibilities off your desk. You do not have to burden your thoughts with time-consuming chores, such as product inventory or procurement. Your team of IT experts frees up your time so you can focus on expanding the company.

Maximized Efficiency

Technology is essential in any business. Providing your people with the right equipment and tools will complement their daily task execution. They can achieve more in less time. This gets your business closer to achieving its goals so you can move forward to create new objectives.

Revenue-Boosting Productivity

IT tools and systems enable people and processes to function efficiently. These allow you to get more things done faster, turning wasted time into productive hours. IT support can smooth the progress of document management, inventory monitoring, procurement, problem-solving, and other processes that impact your organization’s bottom line.

Smarter Business Decisions

Research-backed insights and data help you arrive at more intelligent decisions. You will base your plans, choices, and judgment on facts and solid research that your IT experts provide sufficiently. They have the know-how and technical means to extract business intelligence data and examine its results.

When you are presented with recommendations based on robust analysis, you can follow a more logical decision-making process.

Rapid Solutions Delivery

IT experts can solve inevitable technical glitches in a breeze.

Despite using the most updated software versions, your computing devices may still run into an issue. When a tool or app essential to your operations encounters a problem, it may entail radical interruptions in your business. IT support can quickly intervene and spare you from further damage, saving your valuable time and resources.

They have the expertise, right tools, and template solutions to handle and contain the issue promptly and professionally.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Your IT support team can assist with improving overall internal auditing and quality control. Keeping tabs on IT-related internal operations will be convenient for the leadership teams.

In case of any inactivity, an effective IT system powered by a dependable IT team helps with immediate recovery. Comprehensive network, system, and website monitoring help prevent downtime. You can maintain communication within the organization and more importantly, keep your clients in the loop. Ultimately, this helps minimize possible profit loss and other inconveniences.

Besides quality control, your IT department facilitates well-planned logistics and processes, so your operations are never jeopardized.

Wrap-Up: What Is IT Support and Why Does Your Company Need It?

What IT support does for your business to thrive is extensive. It is a broad term that covers all forms of assistance with tech services and products and is applicable from software development services to IoT developers, as well as enterprise software development agencies.

You can enjoy increased employee productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction with IT. IT tasks commonly involve taking and processing support calls, device installation and configuration, and cybersecurity. However, IT support has more to contribute to your business success.

Professional IT services agencies can also help you with this process, so we advise looking for the right agency to partner with for your project.

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