13 Best Burger Branding Examples That Look Delicious and Appealing

13 Best Burger Branding Examples That Look Delicious and Appealing
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Last Updated: March 10, 2023

Burgers are a staple in American cuisine, and with so many options out there, it can take a lot of work for burger brands to stand out. That's where branding agencies come to the table. The correct branding can make any brand memorable and irresistible.

This article lists the best burger branding examples that will leave your stomach growling and craving some!

From fun and playful to classic and sophisticated, these brands have nailed their identity and are sure to inspire your burger branding efforts.

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1. Haka Burger by Gabriel Albrecht

[Source: Gabriel Albrecht]

Standout Features:

  • Maori-themed branding
  • Expressive typeface
  • Vibrant color story

Introducing global themes in any restaurant can be challenging because you don’t want to misrepresent the culture.

New Zealand-based restaurant chain Haka Burger succeeds at this task by featuring Maori-inspired illustrations, typefaces, and colors. The result is an eye-catching identity that feels familiar yet unique.

The branding strategy is well thought out, to put it simply. Branding expert Gabriel Albrecht did a great job not crossing the line to cultural appropriation.

The bold typography used in the branding kit also reflects the Maori culture, with the colors creating a harmonious tone throughout.

This is an excellent example of injecting culture into a business brand without sacrificing aesthetics.

2. Enburguiza by Lunder

[Source: Lunder]

Standout Features:

  • Refreshing visuals
  • Cartoon logo
  • Minimalist approach

We always associate burgers with American-style diners, and this next-best burger branding example is a perfect poster kid for that.

Lunder utilized the concept of American-style diners of the past, as nostalgia is a very influential trend in branding these days.

The cartoon logo of the burger riding a bike was a fun nod to the classic American diner. The visuals are fresh and playful while still conveying professionalism.

The minimalist approach keeps their branding streamlined and effective by avoiding cliches like red-and-white checkerboard patterns or classic fonts used continuously.

The branding looks very on point with the burger business, and you can immediately tell Enburguiza is a great place to get a burger.

3. Brazzante by Virgo Design

[Source: Virgo Design]

Standout Features:

  • Flame-inspired visuals
  • Expressive design
  • Monogram logo

A true mark of a successful branding strategy is when your branding assets create a solid first impression on your customers. And Brazzante has done such an excellent job.

Virgo Design worked around the fact that this burger restaurant prided itself on its grilled burgers and incorporated it into its branding.

Using bright orange with the flame-inspired visuals created a nice contrast to the dark charcoal-colored text.

The monogram logo also gives off an expressive vibe the restaurant wants to project: this isn’t just another regular burger joint.

The logo was paired with a bold typeface, with the letter B in the middle of the flame, which is also a great way to pay homage to the brand’s name.

The overall branding of Brazzante is consistent and attractive, making them stand out from the competition in no time.

4. Smile Burguer by GLV BRANDS

[Source: GLV BRANDS]

Standout Features:

  • Customer-focused branding
  • A warm and inviting color story
  • Company values included

Without a doubt, food can make us smile. Having the best food is one thing, but having the best branding is another.

Brazilian restaurant Smile Burguer satisfies its customers with delicious food and exceptional customer-focused branding.

GLV BRANDS incorporated playful and inviting colors to suggest an enjoyable atmosphere in the restaurant.

Yellow and orange are mainstays in most restaurant branding, thanks to color psychology. These colors are the most delicious ones to use – and Smile Burguer nailed it.

The typography also looks inviting with rounded-edge fonts, which adds warmth to the overall feel of the branding.

Finally, the agency ensures that the branding design displays customer satisfaction, earning them a spot on our list.

5. Ohmami Street Food by Uniq Creative

[Source: Uniq Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist color story
  • Clean and polished vibe

Sometimes, people find it hard to combine polish and personality, but Ohmami Street Food has done it successfully.

Uniq Creative created a contemporary approach to street food branding by incorporating the traditional elements of street food in their design for this burger branding example.

The color story is minimal and features white, black, and pine green. These colors can be seen in many similar brands, such as Shake Shack and Subway, but the designers used this color story to their advantage for a cleaner and more polished look.

The logo features a rounded-edge font, adding to the modern feel of the overall branding. Also, handwritten fonts bring personality to the table with this one.

Combining these elements creates an inviting atmosphere, making customers want to return for more.

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6. Moriarte by Matheus Felipe Flores

[Source: Matheus Felipe Flores]

Standout Features:

  • Negative space logo
  • Warm and earthy colors
  • Artisanal 

Burgers might be the last food item to be considered artisanal in any way, but this next-best burger branding example has done just that.

Matheus Felipe Flores used negative space logos to create a brand symbol. The logo features an outline of a burger in white or black, depending on the background.

Negative space logos are often seen in branding, and this one is no different. It’s a great way to add personality without having an overly complex logo. Read this post for more great examples of negative space logos.

The colors chosen for the restaurant are also warm and earthy, which adds to its artisanal vibes. This color scheme also gives off a cozy feeling that you can get from any homestyle burger.

This perfectly blends homemade comforts and artisanal expertise, combining class and sass.

7. Caliburger by OD

[Source: OD]

Standout Features:

  • Youth-centered branding
  • A harmonious blend of fonts and colors
  • Simple and effortless

The biggest consumers of burgers in any country are the younger population. This is why many burger branding ideas try to tap into this demographic, and Caliburger was no different.

OD created a harmonious blend of fonts and colors that is more youthful than other brands.

The combination of the lighter font with the orange color gives off an effortless but relaxed vibe, which makes it perfect for millennials. The logo also incorporates emojis in the signature Caliburger way, adding to the youthful feel.

Caliburger creates an inviting atmosphere for those looking for a fast and easy bite. And with their branding, they’ve successfully tapped into the younger population.

After all, burgers are perfect for the younger generation.

8. JOTA by Questtono Manyone

[Source: Questtono Manyone]

Standout Features:

  • Classic approach
  • No-frills branding assets
  • A simple and casual vibe

Burgers are considered casual food, so simple and no-frills branding works. JOTA by Questtono Manyone shows a classic approach to burger branding strategy.

The agency used a typeface that’s easy on the eyes and instantly recognizable, doubling its purpose as the logo itself. See more examples of minimal logo designs here.

Green and white portray freshness and simplicity, which is what this example of burger branding exemplifies. A simple, classic font paired with vibrant colors creates an inviting, casual atmosphere for burgers.

After all, there's no need to complicate comfort food.

9. MANEIRISTA by Mau Maria

[Source: Mau Maria]

Standout Features:

  • Strong Mannerist style
  • Cosmopolitan feel
  • Striking branding strategy

Small businesses need to make their mark in whatever way they can, and Manerista by Mau Maria did just that with this burger branding example. (Check out some of the other best branding examples for small businesses here.)

This restaurant was inspired by the Mannerist movement from the 16th century, which is why its branding ties into it so well. They made it a point to maintain the branding identity, making it look intentional and modern.

The restaurant’s color palette is a mix of warm beiges, oranges and blues. This combination creates a cosmopolitan vibe that’s inviting to customers who want something different than the classic burger joint.

Combined with the Mannerist movement, this example of burger branding hits all the right notes.

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10. Tio Burgers 'n Fritas by Bodega Design Studio

[Source: Bodega Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • A fresh and classic approach
  • Comfortable visuals
  • Fiery color story

With many restaurants doing all the experiments and fusion techniques, nothing beats the charm of a simple burger without the sparkles and other shenanigans.

Bodega Design Studio considered that burgers could be simple in creating a visual identity that suits the brand.

Its reds and whites create a familiar color scheme, and its branding is reminiscent of America’s classic burger joints.

The visuals from Tio Burgers 'n Fritas make customers feel comfortable and welcome in the restaurant, which adds to its charm.

Indeed, you can get a taste of home from their burger selections.

11. Juicy Burgers by Get Noticed Media

[Source: Get Noticed Media]

Standout Features:

  • Focus on homemade vibes
  • Expressive cartoon sketches
  • Straightforward tagline

Juicy Burgers has a reputation for keeping, as they have been quite popular among food trucks for their fresh and juicy burgers. They are also proud of their homemade roots and want to embody that in this burger branding strategy.

Get Noticed Media crafted a visual identity for Juicy Burgers that harkens back to homemade vibes.

The cartoon sketches of the burgers give off an expressive and eye-catching feel, with the colors also helping out.

The bright colors also help reinforce their message, and their tagline, "Delicious juicy burgers made to order for you and your tastebuds," is concise and straightforward.

Juicy Burgers shows that a burger branding example can truly stand out with the right design choices. The branding firm also stayed true to its name of getting them noticed.

12. Fat Cat's Burger by Pau Suarez

[Source: Pau Suarez]

Standout Features:

  • Looney Tunes-inspired logo
  • Use of neutral colors
  • Fonts with personality

Thanks to its excellent burger branding strategy, Fat Cat's Burger has ticked all the boxes on how to become a brand with personality.

Branding professional Pau Suarez tapped into the joyous and fun vibes that burgers bring to the table.

With its smoky taste and textures, the burger has become a favorite among people who want that feel-good experience. To communicate this, the designer created an instant classic logo inspired by the Looney Tunes universe.

The cartoonish design and font choices are bold and inviting, which perfectly matches their color palette of whites and blacks to reinforce that they mean business in burgers.

Black and white are rarely used in food brands, but this has perfectly nailed the look.

13. Villa Texas by Andre Casco

[Source: Andre Casco]

Standout Features:

  • A unique use of Texas symbols
  • Wild West vibes
  • Excellent references

Another excellent burger branding example that has made it to our list is Andre Casco's Texas-inspired branding design.

Texas is often synonymous with grilling, and it's no surprise that the Lone Star State has become a haven for burger joints.

Villa Texas wants to ensure they stay aware of the fray, so it decided to go big with its branding efforts.

Casco managed to capture the Wild West vibes of Texas with symbols like the lone star perched on the center of the logo, the woody textures and the earthy tones of brown and beige in the mix.

Knowing your references will help you with your burger branding strategy, and Villa Texas has undoubtedly proven that.

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