9 Negative Space Logos That Creatively Capture the Essence of the Brands They Represent

9 Negative Space Logos That Creatively Capture the Essence of the Brands They Represent
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 13, 2023

With different styles and sizes of logo designs in the market, negative space logos are climbing on the trends list these days.

People recognize these types of logos even from afar. People like simple things nowadays, and these logos are a huge hit among them.

Many companies have caught wind of this trend. They have started to adopt this concept to their logos with varying degrees of success.

This article lists the best negative space logo designs that have successfully strengthened branding, recognition and impact.

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1. YouSeq by Fruitful Studio

[Source: Fruitful Studio]

Standout features:

  • Vibrant color story
  • Evergreen design concept
  • Neat execution

Molecular science is not something you want to discuss over tea, and YouSeq intends to change that. Alongside its scholarly image, Fruitful Studio wanted to show the brand's fun and easygoing side.

And to do this, the agency splashed a hip and vibrant color story. This design move effectively targets the younger generation and showcases the brand's lively personality. A win-win!

The logo is also timeless, so they no longer have to change their logos to fit the trend.

If there is one thing companies need to learn, it is that evergreen logos are proof of brand longevity and strong brand recognition. This is perfect if you want your target audience to recognize you in a sea of ever-changing faces and logos.

Lastly, the execution of the design concept is well-done. It made molecular science hip and relevant to the younger generation, making it an easy topic to understand.

2. Nightwish by Sergio Storm

[Source: Sergio Storm]

Standout features:

  • Soothing color story
  • Cool design execution
  • Edgy and avant-garde style

People love negative space logos because it gives a layer of coolness to the overall design. The etched design effect is perfect, especially for those who are into edgy aesthetics.

This design by Sergio Storm is an excellent example of how negative space logos can be relaxed without even trying.

The designers used a stunning shade of blue to represent the brand's edgy and hip personality, effectively catering to its target audience. It exudes iciness without being too cold -- an ideal design aesthetic.

Overall, this is an excellent logo. The brand wanted an effortless avant-garde design, and the agency delivered!



Standout features:

  • Creative use of symbolism
  • Appealing imagery
  • On-brand design style

Negative space logos are excellent in creatively expressing your brand's values because it is not overwhelming. A negative space logo invites the audience to focus more on the symbol and its message.

However, the designers at KOTOHOGI DESIGN made the design simple enough to understand. They shied away from using too detailed and confusing images. And in the end, they delivered a meaningful and clear negative space logo.

We can always rely on the creative use of symbols here to convey a brand's ideals without putting too many visual elements onto the logo design itself.

All in all, this is a superb example of creative icons and imagery in logo design.

4. Swim With The Whales by UNOM design

[Source: UNOM design]

Standout features:

  • Use of meaningful symbolism
  • Interesting imagery
  • Black and white color palette

Negative space is also perfect for abstract logo designs because it helps communicate the logo’s meaning, primarily if the brand relies on symbols to explain its values to the target audience.

This logo design by UNOM design is a perfect example of that. It looks like a couple of paper dolls with shadows that relay the company's story.

The symbolism in this design evokes strong emotions of curiosity and wonder. It is also a great conversation starter, especially for those seeing it for the first time, which can make lasting impressions.

Their wise use of symbolism blended with the choice of black and white as their color palette is a great way to ignite emotions, influencing anyone who sees it to talk about the brand.

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5. Logofolio by Stanislav Regis

[Source: Stanislav Regis]

Standout features:

  • Cohesive color story
  • The design and colors match well
  • Smart use of icons

Stanislav Regis's negative space logo design for Logofolio works so well. It's a beautiful combination of a fantastic color story, impressive images and compelling visual elements that gets people talking.

The symbols used are straightforward on their own. When combined, the overall message of caring for the environment is ideally sent to its target audience.

The colors blue and green match so well with the images used and do not stray from the message it is trying to send across to its target audience in any way.

Indeed, if you want a logo design that combines creativity and consciousness, this negative space logo is one to beat.

6. Hands Sharing Car by Petar Shalamanov

[Source: Petar Shalamanov]

Standout features:

  • Well-thought-of design concept
  • Etched design effect
  • Smart iconography

Non-profit organizations are great examples of where a negative space logo should work perfectly because it quickly conveys the idea of their advocacy. The negative space can be used to create silhouettes or to draw attention to subtle details.

This logo design courtesy of Petar Shalamanov is well-thought-of, showcasing symbols true to their intended message.

The logo design also looks etched out of a white background, which gives that level of artistry that can only be achieved with great expertise.

The obvious yet smart icon choices also add a level of intellect to the design, which makes people think: is it really about cars and sharing or is there something else behind it?

If a logo design makes people talk, it effectively serves its purpose of being the face of the brand.

7. Plasticity Boom by Visual Lure

[Source: Visual Lure]

Standout features:

  • Ingenious design concept
  • Hip and trendy color story
  • Logo design with a story

This logo design takes the word mindblown to the next level by putting visuals onto it for the world to understand. This is an ingenious take on impressing people with their offerings.

Visual Lure has the design concept nailed to a tee – putting this often-used word into a visual perspective to illustrate how the company makes the people react to their beautiful offerings. It reflects the company's explosion of unique ideas.

The color story is also very hip and trendy. Tailoring Instagram's color palette is like their way of paying back to their humble origins on social media.

The story behind the logo design is impressive and so on-brand that it continues to appeal to its customers and target audiences online.

8. Leigh Kennedy

[Source: Leigh Kennedy]

Standout features:

  • Super minimalist design
  • Flexible color story
  • Straightforward design execution

You must remember in logo design that you don't need a flashy and flamboyant logo to show your colors as a brand or as an individual. All you need is a robust design that represents you as a brand.

Leigh Kennedy did precisely just that for his brand. He did not resort to sparkly designs or common design concepts. With this negative space logo design, he successfully crafted a symbol that transcends time without needing a design update from time to time.

You can only see the letter K on the logo, which instantly points to his last name, Kennedy. At first glance, people would immediately recognize that as his. That is a great thing because we use logos for recognition in the first place.

The use of black and white as the logo's dominant colors is also perfect because these colors are known to be classics and timeless.

Finally, the logo has no other visual elements besides the stylized letter K. This is a mark of a successful logo because everyone can recognize it thanks to its straightforward execution.

9. The Swan & Mallard by John Randall

[Source: John Randall]

Standout Features: 

  • Evocative design
  • Harmonious elements
  • Balanced

John Randall created a playful and evocative logomark that embodies the three aspects of the restaurant's name by unifying both the swan and mallard through the natural contrast (positive and negative space) within the ampersand.

The monochromatic color palette (with added orange accents) and streamlined illustrations help create a simple, yet balanced feel that is sure to get lodged into the onlookers' collective memory and inspire smiles with its sheer creative charge. 

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