11 Best Pharmaceutical and Medical Branding Examples That Are Easy on the Eyes

11 Best Pharmaceutical and Medical Branding Examples That Are Easy on the Eyes
Article by Jelena Relić
Last Updated: November 08, 2023

We always see pharmaceutical brands as things we can depend on for our lives and good health. Known as beacons of good health, these brands offer solutions that make lives much more comfortable and effortless in all aspects.

People always see these companies as lifesavers (quite literally), and brands must always bring that caring and dependable vibe to their visual assets, including their logos and other branding aspects.

Created by some of the best branding agencies on the market, these are the best pharmaceutical and medical branding solutions that are sure to inspire you and find you in good health!

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1. Lens Istanbul Pharmacy by JUST DESIGN FX


Standout Features:

  • A warm and approachable color story
  • Youthful branding elements
  • Vibrant atmosphere

The younger generations know how to shake things up well, and Lens Istanbul Pharmacy is an excellent trendsetter in pharmaceutical and medical branding. They are a new-generation pharmacy focusing on general medicine, skincare, and holistic care.

They want to make their customers feel at ease even though they seem younger than most of the competition.

JUST DESIGN FX has tapped into the youthful elements that the store carries and their commitment to serving the people in their community the best they could in this solid branding kit that we all love.

They used orange, white, and hints of red in the branding kit. These colors might look vibrant, but that’s the point – these colors represent the new blood running the business for generations to come.

They incorporated elements of contemporary Turkish culture with fonts, logo designs and other visual assets. They stayed true to their Turkish heritage, which is a solid plus.

You can always depend on patriotism and cultural identity to create strong branding for your company.

2. MEDSUPP by Creatine

[Source: Creatine]

Standout Features:

  • Relaxed color scheme
  • Straightforward branding execution
  • Reliable feel

Most pharmaceutical and medical companies aim to have a level of reliability they can depend on when promoting and doing business with their customers. They want people to feel secure with them, especially when prescribing medicine to help them live better and longer.

Creatine took care of its branding assets, carefully considering their reliability and how they want its customers to feel when doing business with them.

They used blue, white, and orange as the dominant colors in their color story. These colors can be seen in many drugstore brands and related businesses worldwide, which means they know that these colors place a sense of calm in their customers.

Using colors is excellent because color psychology can permanently affect how people think, act, or speak. When they see blue, the color of peace, in full display, they can quickly feel comfortable with the business that uses it.

Their visual assets do not have any frilly aspects; what you see is what you get. This is great because this shows that we mean business all the time.

3. Holos Concept by Dijan Marcel

[Source: Dijan Marcel]

Standout Features:

  • Nude and earth color palette
  • Lively imagery
  • An elegant and solid portrayal

You must look your best in front of your clients, whatever industry you are in. The businesses in the medical field feel the same pressure. They want to look the best without trying too hard to impress their patients.

Dijan Marcel understood the assignment as he embarked on a journey emphasizing the solidarity behind the business at Holos Concept. He wanted to inject elegance into the big picture – showing how people can feel safe and sophisticated while entrusting the company.

Using nude and earth colors in the branding assets proves to be a big hit, as these colors promote familiarity with our skins. It’s their way of saying that this company will help more people love the skin they’re in.

They also used images that exuded joy and celebration to those who saw them, which made them feel complacent and confident upon stepping into their offices.

Overall, the company's elegant and punchy approach to branding worked out well in its favor.

4. Dentique by Flow Design

[Source: Flow Design]

Standout Features:

  • Witty imagery in logo design
  • Warm catchphrases
  • On-brand color story

Dentists do not have the best reputations, with so many dentist horror stories on the Internet these days. Dentique is well aware of that, and they wanted to have a branding style highlighting how fun taking care of your oral health can be.

They entrusted Flow Design to take on this challenge. The agency came out with a solid, fun, witty branding kit encompassing everything the client wants.

If you notice, the colors used are red, blue, and white. These colors are commonly used in many businesses across many fields, so what’s so special about them?

They took inspiration from some of the toothpaste brands in the world, such as Aquafresh and Colgate, by mirroring their colors into something well-known but also uniquely Dentique. Hence, changing the shade ranges.

Another fun fact: red and white are standard colors in dentistry as they typically represent the teeth and gums of people.

You can also see phrases such as “Have a smiling day!” used as their tagline in their branding kit. They managed to incorporate elements of dentistry into this short sentence that can make people smile at first glance.

They also replicated the image of human teeth so that it wouldn’t look too scientific but wouldn’t go out of branding, and they succeeded in doing so.

5. Matrys - Regenerative Peptides by Signorini Luca

[Source: Signorini Luca]

Standout Features:

  • Familiar imagery
  • Focus on the serious side
  • Consistent with contemporaries

Sometimes, pharmaceutical and medical brands do not need to go all youthful and hip to get their customers’ attention. Sometimes, the classic route is always the best route for some brands.

This branding kit, courtesy of Signorini Luca, banks on the severe side of medicine. They want to convey that medication should always be taken seriously without any frills attached.

Since they are marketing a medical device that can help people live better lives, they want to capitalize on having a branding style that looks clean, neat, and respected.

We’re not saying that vibrancy and youth do not have a place in pharmaceutical and medical brands. We want to say that some products and services sometimes need that simplistic approach.

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6. Functional Dentistry | Structura by Dare Studio

[Source: Dare Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Holographic color palette
  • Absence of familiar images
  • Sleek presentation

Dental clinics should promote their businesses online, as they have to ensure that people won’t forget their oral health. That’s why we often see dental clinics brandishing images of teeth and gums in their branding kits to drive the point home.

Dare Studio went the road less taken in this endeavor, choosing not to include any teeth or gums in their branding kit for this hip Italian dental clinic.

Instead, they focus on the dentist’s tools for their customers’ oral health, such as toothbrushes, scalpels, and forceps. They used these images in a way that is not morbid but, instead, memorable to their clientele.

They also used the holographic colors of magenta, purple, and blue in their branding kit, reminiscent of lo-fi music used to soothe people’s minds and aid them in calmness.

They packaged all of these elements in a presentation so sleek you might think getting services from them might cost you thousands of dollars. That, my friends, is what we call effective branding.

7. Nicola Biancardi - Cirurgia Plastica by Cinix Design

[Source: Cinix Design]

Standout Features:

  • Black and white color story
  • Sleek typography
  • No-nonsense branding execution

Italians know it best to keep sophistication in check in their everyday lives. Even their plastic surgery clinics know how to serve the best elegance on a platter with ease, which is a talent on its own.

Cinix Design capitalized on the sleek sophistication that Italians are known worldwide for, with the no-nonsense approach that medical professionals are always known for, to create a consistent branding kit that exudes confidence.

They used black and white, which are neutral colors, in their entire branding kit. Even the photos they used are all washed in black and white. This creates a mood of somber seriousness that the industry needs without being boring.

Using black and white photos also exudes elegance, which is always on-brand to the identity of the clinic owners.

Indeed, this branding kit shows how elegance can bleed through the field of medicine without looking too gimmicky.

8. DENTIA by Anto Grossolano & Adriana Medina

[Source: Anto Grossolano & Adriana Medina]

Standout Features:

  • Emphasis on the health aspect
  • Use of familiar colors
  • Assuring catchphrases

Medicine is the last topic people want to discuss daily, which is entirely understandable. That’s why many companies strive to make their businesses as engaging and enjoyable as possible without losing customers’ attention.

Anto Grossolano & Adriana Medina did a fantastic job dealing with this all-too-familiar challenge by combining colors, fonts, and other visual elements to create a branding kit that looks friendly to the eyes with an encouraging feel.

They emphasized the health aspect of the field, which sends a message that we can always take care of our health without boring ourselves to death.

The colors cyan, blue, and white are great for calming people’s nerves, as confirmed by color psychology. Also, we have mentioned earlier that brands within the field typically use these colors, so they do not go far from one another.

Finally, they included short yet sweet encouraging phrases in the packaging of their products, which also goes well with their aim of making people feel better by taking their products as part of their daily routine.

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9. Help Remedies by Nessen Co

[Source: Nessen Co]

Standout Features:

  • Cues on color theory
  • Creative packaging idea
  • Trendy execution

People hate taking tons of tablets, pills, and capsules, especially if they take them regularly as part of daily maintenance. It can be a hassle, so Help Remedies are their lifesavers.

Marketing themselves as a one-stop shop for those who have to take multiple types of medicine daily, they offer one-capsule solutions that are similar to multivitamins but even better. They address various health concerns, from weight loss to sleep issues.

Nessen Co used the packaging to create a branding that is efficient, creative, and on-brand with the company's aims and ideals. Taking cues from the color theory, they used this to develop colorful packaging that differentiates one variant from another.

The typography, images, and overall branding execution all worked harmoniously, making this one a smash hit with us.

10. Dra. Isabella Celina by Teller's Agency

[Source: Teller's Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Friendly color story
  • Sleek and simple execution
  • Metallic effect

We typically associate doctors with their hospitals or clinics, so branding a doctor as an individual can be tricky since you will make a branding kit to illustrate one’s personality. However, it can be fun bringing out the best in your doctors, especially on the branding side.

Teller's Agency has successfully created a branding kit for Dra Isabella Celina as a doctor that people can trust. They made a believable branding kit with the right blend of colors and imagery that everyone will love.

From the familiar colors of cyan, white, and metallic brown to the layout of the logo, everything is well-thought-out, with the professional façade of the doctor in full view of everyone.

Add to that the simple yet sleek approach to putting everything together. This is a success story.

11. 360 Medical Centre by Factory 39

[Source: Factory 39]

Standout Features:

  • A successful approach in the medical field
  • Invigorating color story
  • Dedication to the company's ideals

Starting a new business is always challenging, especially if you are beginning a novel concept unheard of for your target audience. It seems like a challenge, and 360 Medical Centre has acknowledged that.

Offering both Primary Care and Medical Aesthetics, clinics like these are rare not only in its home country of Cyprus but also in Europe. Factory 39 has taken on the challenge and succeeded with a branding strategy that worked spectacularly for them.

Starting with its color story that reminded people of the pristine blue waters of Cyprus, down to the accurate yet persuasive approach they executed in launching and promoting the establishment, everything is well-thought-of and planned perfectly.

This shows their determination to succeed as a novel concept in the industry and as successful healthcare providers in general.

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