Press Release Boilerplate

Press Release Boilerplate
Article by Jelena Relić
Last Updated: March 22, 2023

A press release boilerplate is an actionable and foundational piece that caps a well-crafted press release copy.

Essentially, the PR boilerplate is your organization’s “About Us” backgrounder toward the end of a press release. The boilerplate in a press release is a concise bottom section containing essential details about your company. It includes a summary of your business mission, vision, goals, and accomplishments.

The press release boilerplate should be articulated in an informative and engaging way to capture the attention of journalists and consumers.

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What Is a Boilerplate in a Press Release?

In public relations, a press release boilerplate is the brief, standardized, and consistent “About Us” statement that offers journalists and your target audiences a high-level overview of your company.

The press release boilerplate is a one-paragraph description of your company, highlighting core business information. It goes toward the end of a press release. A PR boilerplate intends to offer critical details about what your organization does. A boilerplate in a press release adds credibility to the article and leaves a space for you to include a call-to-action (CTA) and a link to your website.

Purpose of a PR Boilerplate

Journalists have innumerable press releases placed on their desks daily. 43% of top-tier publishers receive five to 50 pitches weekly, and the remaining 57% are greeted with 50 to 500 pitches weekly. And press release boilerplates play a crucial role in whether or not they take notice of you.

PR boilerplates should offer consistency that makes them recognizable to journalists and publishers. The noteworthiness of your boilerplate in a press release can make or break your chances of getting the attention of its recipients.

These are the goals an excellent press release boilerplate aims to achieve:

Brand Recognition

An effective PR boilerplate helps you build brand recognition and recall as your company expands in its industry and reaches a larger market. Your brand will gain more popularity among your target audiences and achieve a more diverse outreach through a consistent “About Us” section in your press releases.

Underscoring Accomplishments

Highlight your business accomplishments in your press release boilerplate to help boost credibility and earn the confidence of your target audiences. Publishers are likelier to take in your pitch when you emphasize your company’s accolades and milestones. Similarly, investors and prospective customers will view your organization in a positive light. They will be more inclined to transact and work with you when you underline your organization’s notable achievements.

Conveying Company Vision

Showcasing your company goals will elevate your status in your industry. This will demonstrate your culture, contributions to consumers on the market, and commitment to delivering excellent quality. Journalists, publishers, investors, and potential clients will react positively to this display of dedication the way they do to your achievements.

Drawing in Consumers

A well-drafted boilerplate can help retain existing customers and attract new ones because it lets them skim through what your enterprise does and offers. With the short yet solid information in your PR boilerplate, they can quickly evaluate your business and determine if it will be worthy of engaging with your company.

Encouraging Readers to Take Action

Presenting a strong CTA in the boilerplate section of your PR can influence the subsequent actions of consumers. It can persuade customers to complete an effort in several ways. It can invite them to sign up for your newsletters and never miss an update. Making a donation, placing a phone call to inquire, and buying your products or subscribing to your services are other possible consumer actions.


Press releases lead to easier searchability. And a uniform boilerplate text enables publishers and journalists to find your other publicly available documents. Consistency of the “About Us” segment in your handouts and other bulletin items will make their research on your business more convenient. It is excellent for public relations and marketing, another one of the practical benefits of a standardized PR boilerplate for your company.


Besides demonstrating consistency in each press release, a reusable boilerplate is advantageous for your company’s copywriters. They can simply perform minimal modifications and adjustments to the press release boilerplate text when necessary.

Saving Time and Funds

When you have a definitive boilerplate text you can quickly refer back to for every press release, you can focus your time, effort, and other resources on the customized content of the PR and your promotional initiatives. You will not have to keep rewriting a boilerplate for each new release.

Components of a Press Release Boilerplate

Here are what you should include in the boilerplate in a press release:

Company History

You can discuss the founding date of your company in the boilerplate copy. You can also include what motivated the inception of the company. If you have been in the business for a while, you can bank on this detail to showcase longevity and credibility.

Company Logo and Tagline

Your signature catchphrase and logo are some of the fundamental elements of your brand personality. They are your brand’s identifying attributes without looking or reading any further. And these should make it to your press release boilerplate.


State what your business is about in your PR boilerplate. Ensure you make it as straightforward as possible. Imagine you are introducing your company to someone who has never heard of your brand. The person should instantly understand your company's vision and plans. That is why when you include your objectives and goals, ensure they are easily digestible for them to be effective.

Key Data in Numbers

Like awards and other recognitions, impressive metrics make a PR boilerplate more stellar. If you are a startup entering your first anniversary in the business with a milestone surpassing your target number of clients, make it clear in your PR. If you are seasoned in the industry and have thousands of employees, take pride in it and let it be known via your PR boilerplate. After all, this segment of your PR is reserved for you to show off your company achievements backed by numbers.

Unique Selling Proposition

The boilerplate in a press release allows you to tell your audiences what makes your brand different from the competition. Make your statement direct and honest about what is so special about your enterprise that sets it apart from other businesses with similar product or service offers.

Benefits and the Market You Serve

Describe how your products or services can add value to your customers’ lives. Let readers know the benefits that come with your offers.

Website URL and CTAs

Be sure to have the link to your company website toward the end of the boilerplate text, alongside the CTAs. This is an efficient way to drive traffic to your web pages, where users can learn more about your organization. It is an excellent start to generating qualified leads and making successful conversions.

Tips on Writing an Effective Press Release Boilerplate

  • These are the best approaches to crafting a worthwhile boilerplate in a press release:
  • Determine the boilerplate angle you will use based on the goal of your press release.
  • Write an appealing company description that will attract attention and leave an impression on readers.
  • Add your contact details through which audiences can easily reach you.
  • Focus on your product or service benefits when marketing your offers.
  • Include useful statistical data, such as revenues, client count, employee count, geographical coverage, number of people served, and years in the business, among others.
  • Use press release SEO and add the right number of relevant keywords.
  • In addition to your website, include your social media user handles.
  • Align the tone of voice of your PR boilerplate with your overall brand voice.
  • Encourage readers to engage with your brand.
  • Open and provide B2C communications channels.
  • Keep your language simple.
  • Be relatable and understandable, and remove any business-specific jargon.
  • Be specific, concise, and to the point.
  • Edit and polish your boilerplate copy. Go over it meticulously and ensure that all information is up-to-date before pushing it for release.
  • Make it a habit to review your PR boilerplate regularly and update it as necessary.

Wrap-Up: The Importance of a Great Press Release Boilerplate

The press release boilerplate briefly explains your company's most compelling and valuable company. The boilerplate in a press release is a concise paragraph that winningly explains the roots of your business, what it does, what it stands for, whom it serves, and what values it has to offer to consumers.

It is a critical section of a PR that piques journalists, convincing them to write about you and market your business in their publications. Writing a remarkable PR boilerplate involves balancing complex business data and captivating creativity. It should be coherent and uniform across your copies, from your website to your socials, while remaining flexible enough to be adjusted quickly when needed.

A professional PR agency can also help you with this process, so we advise looking for the right agency to partner with for your project.

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