What Makes an SEO Company in Toronto Unique? 

On a global scale, 71% of digital marketers say using strategic keywords was their number one strategy for SEO, and 69% of marketers in general invested in SEO in 2021. 

An SEO company in Toronto is a part of the digital market in Canada and shares a percentage of revenue and market development with other Canadian agencies. 

Canadian advertisers are focusing over 50% of their ad budgets on digital campaigns, and just mobile advertising spending in Canada reached $7.29 billion.  

This commitment aimed at digital promotion shows an evident shift in consumer behavior, from traditional to digital formats. 

In addition, marketing statistics from 2021 show that digital ad spending can reach $9.55 billion. 

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Canadian advertisers are focusing over 50% of their ad budgets on digital campaigns
[Source: Review Moose]​

What Does an SEO Expert in Toronto Specialize in? 

You can find high-quality SEO services in Toronto in several ways, and here are just a couple of them: 

  • Traffic generation: Having relevant traffic attracts new leads and sales. 
  • Retargeting: Visitors who did not previously convert can be approached by personalized emails and compelling ads. 
  • Maintain relationships: Establishing a relationship with a lead is important in the relationship development process. 
  • Conversion: Turning the funneled traffic to paying customers is the key and final step to proving the efficiency of the SEO strategy. 

According to statistics from September 2020 in Canada, social media skills and search engine optimization are one of the most demanded digital skills. Content marketing statistics indicate that the required skills are: 

  • Digital strategy in 59% of cases 
  • SEO in 50%  
  • Analytics in 49% of projects 
  • Research in 30%  

The team can help you target your audience across all digital touch-points with personalized and relevant experiences.  

When searching for the perfect fitting SEO expert in Toronto, consider that their niche-focused specialization can be any of the following: 

  • Keyword research  
  • Plugin configuration   
  • Google analytics set up   
  • Website Analysis  
  • Competitor analysis  
  • XML sitemap  
  • Title optimization  
  • Meta description optimization  
  • URL optimization  
  • Images optimization   
  • SSL certificate 
  • Robots.txt creation   
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Why Hire SEO Services in Toronto? 

Reason #1: Niche-focused Specialization 

Hiring an SEO company in Toronto can give your business a kickstart when it comes to online presence. This means outsourcing a strategist who knows how to provide you with reputable links which boost audience building, long-term optimization plans, and similar. 

Effective SEO techniques drive more organic traffic to your website, bring sales and leads, and better overall business results. 

Reason #2: Large Investment Center 

Toronto is one of Canada’s biggest business and financial capital.  

It is the second-largest financial services center in North America. In addition, it has one of the highest numbers of financial services company headquarters on the American continent. With its reputation for safety, Toronto is becoming a global destination for business investments. 

Annual business operating costs are quite lower in Toronto than in other leading international centers. The governments of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto provide incentives for businesses to prosper in a stable environment.  

Digital ad spending in Canada is accounting for 68.3% of the total ad market
[Source: Insider Intelligence] 

Reason #3: Well-developed Tax System 

For a well-developed SEO strategy, you need a team that you can rely on with effective communication and a strong business structure. Such a Toronto SEO agency exists, and the city’s economic stability proves that. 

The tax rate in Toronto is approximately 13% lower than the U.S. average which means it has the lowest charge rates in the region. 

The above-mentioned factors are the reasons why digital services such as Toronto SEO services, can grow while acquiring versatile knowledge and experiences. 

How Much Does a Toronto SEO Agency Charge for Their Services? 

In Canada, search engine optimization services cost between $700 to $2000.  

Research shows that 75% of SEO agencies charge clients on a monthly basis. One-time SEO consulting price ranges from $5.000 to $30.000 or an hourly fee could be between $80 to $200 per hour

When it comes to hourly rates for Toronto SEO services technical audits are about $150 per hour, and local SEO and conversion optimization ranges between $50 and $100 per hour

How to Find the Right Toronto SEO Services for Your Business? 

Making the correct decision when choosing Toronto SEO services will have a big impact on your business. Through high-quality Google rankings, you can easily become more prominent and increase sales. 

Here are five tips on how to choose the perfect fitting business partner: 

Tip #1: Look for Fair Play 

SEO is a process of optimizing your project’s website to drive organic traffic. Strategists who maintain this have a special insight into Google’s algorithms, meaning a deep understanding of Google’s constant modifications. 

Using shortcuts like buying links to keyword stuffing does not work well. So, keep in mind that the firm you hire has to work by search engines’ rules to increase your website’s long-term organic traffic. 

Tip #2: Set Clear Goals 

There are different kinds of organic traffic and increased traffic does not automatically translate to increased revenue. 

To avoid ambiguity, you should outline what you plan to accomplish with strategy by an SEO expert in Toronto.  

Think about the following possibilities for search engine optimization: 

Tip #3: Check Reviews 

The best Toronto SEO agency typically has a lot of long-term customers with referred members inside their professional circle.  

In this situation, you might find a client from your particular industry, and try to find their review, or any similar feedback, on the agency’s website or social media pages. 

Tip #4: Follow the Same Metrics 

It is crucial that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs) that can apply to many aspects of a business. For example, having a new product means different objectives than working with an already established product market. 

Find an SEO company in Toronto that can follow the correct metrics of the campaign and condense the information into useful graphs and numbers. 

Here is a list of the most important KPIs you might want to consider: 

  • Organic sessions: The number of people who visit your website through organic search is the basis of the KPIs. Further, you can check the average number of page views, the number of unique visitors, duration per visit, and bounce rate. 
  • Conversion rate: Number of people who visit your product’s page and buy the product, sign up for the newsletter, or engage with content. 
  • Keyword rankings: Choose the keywords that you want to increase or new keywords for better ranking. 
  • Google crawling mistakes: Google crawling is when a Google bot systematically indexes your content. So, it is important for Google to easily read your content so it can index it to show up in searches. 
  • Page load time: The time for a page to load can impact how quickly people want to leave your site. This correlates with the bounce rate that increases together with page loading time. 

Tip #5: Communicate Effectively 

Search engine optimization is a process that provides you with long-term effective results for your business.  

As mentioned in the previous tip, narrow down the number of potential business partners who understand what you are aiming for. By doing this, you are making sure that the agency you choose to work with has a clear method of charting the optimization progress. 

To be sure that you have a good partnership, be sure to outline your goals in a clear and precise way. 

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20 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an SEO Expert in Toronto

  1. What type of services do you plan to deliver as part of the strategy? 
  2. How many hours are you going to invest for each service? 
  3. What are the technical parts of the website that you will audit and fix? 
  4. How many pages can you optimize initially, and how many on an ongoing basis?  
  5. Please share with us how many new landing pages you will create per month. 
  6. How many external and internal articles will you provide per month? 
  7. Could you tell us the number of backlinks that we can expect per month? 
  8. How much time do you invest in campaign analysis and reporting? 
  9. What kind of links will you choose to build, and with what methodologies? 
  10. In what way do you keep the relevant placement opportunities? 
  11. What do you know about Google Penguin? 
  12. Does your agency have resources that provide relevant information about our industry? 
  13. Could you tell us how often we are going to have meetings? 
  14. How do you analyze campaigns and create reports on them? 
  15. How often do you send the reports? 
  16. What type of software do you use for task and time management? 
  17. Could you share with us your case studies? 
  18. Do you have experience in our industry? 
  19. Can we see some of your writing examples? 
  20. Do you outsource experts, or work only with your in-house team? 

Takeaways on SEO Companies in Toronto 

When it comes to choosing the right SEO company in Toronto, think about the following ‘what’ factors before your final conclusion: 

  • What type of product are you planning to establish on the market? 
  • What is the amount of budget you are ready to invest? 
  • What is the target audience that you want to convert to sales? 

To find the perfect fitting business partner, remember to check our agency directory and filter your search by budget, hourly rate, size, etc. 

Good luck!


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