The Best Software Development Companies in Ukraine to Hire for Your Next Project [DesignRush Editors’ Pick]

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The Best Software Development Companies in Ukraine to Hire for Your Next Project [DesignRush Editors’ Pick]
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: April 01, 2022

Ukraine’s software development industry is yet another victim of the ongoing Russian invasion. One month into the European war of the 21st century, a highly developed market stands the test of survival.

One of the largest and most vibrant tech communities in Europe, Ukraine’s IT industry has flourished roughly 40 times over the past fifteen years, breaking new ground in AI, cybersecurity, FinTech, blockchain, nanotechnologies, gaming, eCommerce and more.

By 2025, the number of tech specialists in Ukraine was projected to reach 242,000 developers — rightly earning them the title of Eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley. In the competitive field, .NET software developers are particularly sought-after for their skill in creating enterprise-level solutions.

The software development companies in Ukraine employ a highly qualified talent pool of IT specialists with competitive hourly rates — the reason why so many businesses worldwide outsource their quality services.

However, the war has taken a toll on the entire software development market and the shortage of resources has impacted the global business ecosystem.

To support agencies in Ukraine and give exposure to their immense tech talent in these dire times, we have selected the top-rated Ukrainian software development companies that can help you on your next project.

Whether you're looking to work with onshore, offshore, or nearshore developers, these Ukrainian teams have demonstrated resilience and expertise that can be a valuable asset to your project!

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LaSoft - A Software Development Company With International Expertise

screenshot LaSoft homepage software development companies Ukraine
  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: App Development, Software Development, Outsourcing Software Development, eCommerce Development, Web Design, Branding, Product Design, etc.
  • Notable clients: The Spoke, AgeFriendly, Casadesk, Servant
  • Average hourly rate: $25

Hailing from the well-developed IT region in Ukraine is a software development company that focuses on building disruptive applications and helping startups gain steam at the start of their business journey.

Operating since 2014, LaSoft houses 100+ experienced, versatile and highly productive professionals, including software engineers, UI/UX designers, product designers, quality assurance specialists, project managers, DevOps engineers (server infrastructure experts).

LaSoft team of specialists

They proudly call themselves a one-stop shop, i.e. delivering end-to-end software projects. They are able to execute each step of the product development cycle: UI/UX design, product architecture, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and support.

Working with clients from the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Israel and the U.K., LaSoft boasts international expertise with 85 projects delivered for large and small businesses to which they offer continuous support.

Redwerk - A Technology Partner With 17 Years of Experience

Screenshot Redwerk homepage
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: Software Development, Software Testing, .Net Development, PHP Development, Fintech Software Development, Blockchain Development, Nearshore Software Development, etc.
  • Notable clients: Evolv, European Parliament, Encode, Mass Movement
  • Average hourly rate: $60

Redwerk’s services cover a wide range of technologies and industries, being able to provide full-cycle bespoke software development, as well as web and mobile app development.

Redwerk team of experts

Since 2005, the agency combines unmatched tech talent with creative software solutions to help businesses of all sizes provide a smooth customer experience.

With over 250 international projects under its belt, Redwerk has developed award-winning solutions for clients from the U.S, U.K, Canada and other countries. The company vows customer satisfaction and timely deliverables which have earned them success and recognition in the industry.

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Geniusee LLC - A Team of Experts in FinTech and EdTech

screenshot of geniusee homepgae
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Fintech Software Development, Offshore Software Development, Eastern European Software Development, Outsourcing Software Development, etc.
  • Notable clients: Silibrain, Zedosh, Finance Unlocked, TradeSmarter
  • Average hourly rate: $40

Geniusee LLC is a custom software and product development company with over 100 experts specializing in helping businesses thrive in dynamic times through tech solutions.

geniusee team of experts

Apart from consultancy, development and support, the company’s expertise extends across multiple specialized areas such as Amazon web services, AI, business analysis, data science and DevOps engineering.  

They have a dedicated team with versatile tech stacks, proven experience and certifications who have delivered over 80 major projects in various verticals like FinTech, EdTech, Retail and other industries. 

Outcrowd - A Digital Agency Developing Great Products 

screenshot of outcrowd agency's homepage
  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: User Experience, Software Development, Web design, Branding, Product Design, Logo Design, etc.
  • Notable clients: Toyota, RedBull, McDonald’s, Nexus
  • Average hourly rate: $70

Operating in the largest city in Western Ukraine, Outcrowd is a digital agency that designs and develops outstanding products that people love to use.

Well-versed in multiple digital services, from branding and web design to software development and everything in between, the agency is helping businesses establish a strong brand identity and online presence through custom solutions and design-oriented strategies.

outcrowd team of experts

Founded in 2017, the agency consists of talented, hard-working professionals united in a single mission: to transform businesses using design.

They dismiss all stale design solutions in favor of creative, great design solutions with smart UX. Developing products for major brands like RedBull or Toyota, the agency ensures the same 5-step process flow for each of their clients: immersion, ideation, wireframing, visual design, handoff and support.

QAwerk - An Agency Acknowledged By Leading Tech Experts

[Source: QAwerk]
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: Software Testing
  • Notable clients: VirtaMed, Union54, Magic Mountain, Pixo
  • Average hourly rate: $40

Hailing from Ukraine's capital, QAwerk is a software testing company, lauded by the likes of Tech Crunch and The Next Web for their savviness in this field. Founded in 2015, the agency has tested more than 300 projects on multiple continents.

The agency excels in comprehensive automated and manual tests of desktop, web and mobile apps - iOS as well as Android - beside API testing, game and AR/VR testing and other forms of quality assurance.

QAWerk team
[Source: QAwerk]

The company works with large enterprises as well as startups and small businesses in multiple industries, such as Media and Entertainment, eGovernment, eLearning, Fintech and Game Development.

QAwerk takes particular pride in explaining the reasoning and strategy behind their testing efforts and is quite open to having clear communication with their clients, including those who do not have a tech background.

KindGeek - Agency Aiming to Provide Excellent Customer Experience

[Source: KindGeek]
  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Expertise: Web Design, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development...
  • Notable clients: Grafter, UBA, The Interface Financial Group, University of Basel
  • Average hourly rate: $40

KindGeek is a multi-purpose agency from Lviv that consists of technology professionals in various fields, from app design and development to fintech software development and user experience. The idea behind the company is to "help smart people, entrepreneurs, and companies with technical aspects of their projects."

KindGeek team
[Source: KindGeek]

Based on principles of trust, transparency, team spirit, quality and social responsibility, this full-cycle software development company excels in backend, frontend and mobile development, dev ops, as well as UI and UX design.

The company has an extensive portfolio consisting of works for clients from over 20 countries.


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