How Portland Web Development Agencies Differ From Other U.S. Competitors

Portland ranks among the top 20 tech talent markets in America.

According to CBRE:

“Two key aspects that top tech talent markets share are high educational attainment and a preference by tech workers to live in the city.”

Portland ranks among big tech hubs like New York City, San Diego and Seattle primarily for these three characteristics:

  • High concentration of educated workforce: The largest city in Oregon recorded 9,502 tech graduates between 2014 and 2018. (CBRE) Thanks to its internationally recognized universities, including the University of Portland and Portland State University, the city produces top IT talent, including first-grade web developers.
  • People’s desire to live in the city: Two facts support this claim. On one hand, according to CompTIA, Portland is one of the best cities for young professionals in the country based on various factors like job opportunities and affordable housing. On the other hand, the city ranks as the ninth-best city to live in the U.S mostly for its high quality of life. These great conditions attract top-notch tech talent from across the nation. As a result, Portland added 14,580 IT jobs between 2015 and 2019. (CBRE)
  • Quality of web technology specialists: As reported by CBRE, Portland boasts high-quality tech talent. This is due to the fact that the city is the fourth most competitive tech market in the U.S. - even more competitive than Boston, Los Angeles and New York. Considering that Portland web development agencies operate in a cut-throat environment, their quality standards come as no surprise since only the best of these experts can make it here.
Portland web development agencies: tech labor market competitiveness index​
[Source: CBRE]​

What Services Can You Outsource To Web Developers In Portland, Oregon?

Web developers in Portland, Oregon are generally experienced in:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Their core offerings include:

  • Conducting market research
  • Performing competitive analysis
  • Developing code based on best practices
  • Building software documentation
  • Creating architecture
  • Developing user interface and layout
  • Performing QA testing
  • Maintaining and updating websites
  • Fixing bugs
  • And more

Furthermore, they specialize in different languages and development platforms such as:

How Much Do Portland Web Development Services Cost?

Typically, Portland web development agencies invoice their projects by the hour.

In other words, you will pay them a fixed amount of money for every hour their developers work on your project.

Approximately, you can expect to see prices that range between $50 and $150. However, there are agencies that offer high-end services and may ask as much as $300 per hour.

Another way of billing is the pricing per project. In this case, Portland web development firms will charge you based on three major factors:

  • The type of website you need
  • Its size or number of pages
  • The complexity of features and functionalities

When formulating their cost per project, Portland web development agencies take into account the following aspects of the process:

  • Planning
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Hosting
  • CMS development
  • After-launch support and maintenance

When billed by the project, your website may cost you somewhere between $10,00 and $100,000+.

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Why Should You Hire A Portland Web Development Agency?

These are the key reasons why you should consider partnering with a Portland web development agency:

Reason #1: Take Advantage Of Their Industry Experience

Unlike other similar companies across the U.S., Portland web development agencies tend to accumulate experience in the locally dominant industries like:

  • High tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Athletics and outdoor apparel
  • Healthcare

Operating in the local ecosystem, these companies are very likely to have served local clients and businesses.

This is how they manage to acquire unique insights into:

  • The key challenges businesses in these sectors face
  • Their audience’s needs and pain points
  • Their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

This is a key trait that allows them to easily identify opportunities and challenges. If you operate in one of these sectors, Portland agencies may be better positioned to develop your website.

Reason #2: Work With Top-Tier Talent

Thanks to its internationally recognized universities and the great career development opportunities, Portland not only produces a skilled workforce but also welcomes some of the finest developers in the country.

This indicates that, in this area, you will find some of the most skilled companies to execute your project and help your business achieve the desired results.

Reason #3: Enjoy Globally Competitive Services

Cut-throat environments fuel creativity and boost productivity.

Considering that Portland web development agencies operate in a highly competitive area, they offer globally competitive services as a result.

To succeed it in this city, web developers are bound to be very efficient at what they do. This is why they invest in cutting-edge tools and technologies and are always on top of development trends to be able to generate a higher quality of work.

This is why web developers in Portland, Oregon are uniquely fitted to solve your business problems more effectively and efficiently.

Portland skyline​
Portland is one of the best cities in the US for young professionals 

How To Choose The Best Web Developers In Portland, Oregon

Take the following five steps when searching for the best Portland web development agency:

Step #1: Find Out If They Have Relevant Experience To Execute Your Project

Depending on your business needs and requirements, developing a website can be a costly investment.

This is why you should ensure you select the right web development agency in Portland that can execute your project effectively and efficiently.

Partnering with a company that has relevant experience can make all the difference. By having the relevant experience we mean having experience in developing websites for your industry or niche.

This is important because Portland web development agencies that have worked on projects similar to yours can better understand your business goals and problems.

Therefore, make sure you check each prospective company’s portfolio to learn about their strengths and weaknesses and find out which of them can be most suitable to execute the development process.

Step #2: Check The Feedback Of Other Clients

Client feedback and reviews will provide valuable insights into each company’s credibility and reliability.

They will help you find out about the client satisfaction rate and:

  • How they manage their projects
  • How responsive they are
  • What their customer service is like
  • How collaborative and communicative they are
  • If they are a good cultural fit
  • And much more

Knowing this will makt it easier for you to narrow down the list of best web developers in Portland, Oregon to a few potential candidates and select the most suitable partner for your brand.

Step #3: Search For A Good Cultural Fit

Finding a partner that can be a good cultural fit for your own company is equally important as finding an agency with relevant industry experience.

When you work with a team that shares the same core values, beliefs and behavior you can rest assured that you will get along easily and collaborate smoothly.

Therefore, take the time to assess your compatibility with each prospective Portland web development agency in terms of working style and company goals.

That way you can ensure a healthy relationship and better performance.

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Step #4: Evaluate Their Communication Skills

Another key factor to consider when screening the best web development agencies in Portland is their way of communication.

Establishing proper communication channels during the project is a vital tool that helps achieve strong relationships between the two teams and achieve higher productivity.

Therefore, from the initial contact, study the communication skills of these agencies. See how good listeners they are and how well they understand your business goals and requirements.

Additionally, pay attention to how available and responsive they are, if they are understanding and able to offer feedback to all your questions and concerns.

Step #5: Ask If They Offer Post-Launch Maintenance

Whether your business is small or large, you will need to consider signing up for post-launch maintenance services.

This process can come in various forms, including:

  • Checking the website’s speed
  • Fixing bugs and issues
  • Updating the software
  • Fixing bokeh links
  • Backing-up files
  • Improving SEO
  • Developing new features and functionalities
  • Checking website analytics
  • And more

Website maintenance matters for all types of websites because it evaluates how secure and user-friendly they are and if they are performing well.

It is a key ingredient in ensuring an intuitive user experience, as well as engaging and retaining website visitors.

Therefore, be sure to choose a Portland web development agency that can engage in a long-term relationship and offer their services after the website’s launch.

15 Questions To Ask Website Development Companies In Portland, Oregon

Consider asking the following questions during your interviews with the best Portland web development agencies:

  1. What do your web development services include? Can you execute projects from start to finish?
  2. What does your strategic approach look like? How will you execute custom strategies based on our unique business goals and requirements?
  3. Have you developed websites that solve similar problems? Have you worked with any of our competitors?
  4. What tools and technologies do you have access to?
  5. What programming languages and development platforms are you proficient at?
  6. Can you also handle search engine optimization? Do you have experienced SEO experts in-house?
  7. How will you make sure our website promotes an engaging user experience across all devices?
  8. Which developers will execute our website? What level of experience do they have?
  9. What is the deadline for the project? How much time will it take for our website to go live?
  10. What security processes do you follow to ensure our website will be safe from external threats?
  11. What type of testing will you perform?
  12. How will we communicate during the project?
  13. Can you assist us with website maintenance after-launch?
  14. Will we own the source code once the development process ends?
  15. What is the estimated price?

Takeaways On Portland Web Development Agencies

You should consider Portland web development agencies for your upcoming project because they:

  • Have relevant industry experience
  • Employ top-tier talent
  • Offer globally competitive services

They usually price their services by the hour and by the project. The most common pricing structure is the fee per project. Local companies may charge you between $50 and $150, on average.

To choose the best web developers in Portland, Oregon for your business, take these five steps:

  • Find out if they have relevant industry experience
  • Check the feedback of past clients
  • Search for a good cultural fit
  • Evaluate their communication skills
  • Ask if they offer post-launch support

Best of luck!

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