What Makes Software Development Companies In Portland Unique?

These are the top three differentiating facts that make software development companies in Portland stand out from other U.S.-based competitors:

Fact #1: Portland Is A Growing Tech Hub Where Software Developers Operate In A Highly Competitive Environment

According to CBRE:

“CBRE’s annual report, now in its ninth year, ranks the top 50 North American markets by analyzing 13 measures of their ability to attract and develop tech talent, including tech graduation rates, tech-job concentration, tech labor pool size, and labor and real estate costs, among others.”

With a score of 50.48, Portland holds the 20th position, outranking big IT hubs like Chicago and Los Angeles, mostly for factors like:

  • High concentration of college-educated workers
  • Internationally recognized universities producing top-grade tech graduates
  • High average annual salaries

As the same source states, Portland has:

  • Gained 9,502 tech degrees between 2014 and 2018
  • Added 14,580 tech jobs between 2015 and 2019

In fact, in 2019, the city had a total number of 60,550 tech workers among which include:

  • 23,740 computer support, database and systems experts
  • 19,470 software developers and programmers
  • 12,650 technology engineering-related professionals

CBRE’s report also examined the tech labor market competitiveness. With a score of 188, Portland ranks as a very competitive city along with hubs like Washington DC, Seattle and Boston.

This indicates that software development companies in Portland operate in a cut-throat environment which fuels their productivity, creativity and innovation capabilities pushing them to be more efficient in delivering high-quality products.

software development companies in Portland: tech labor market competitiveness 
[Source: CBRE]

Fact #2: Portland Is A Welcoming City For Top-Notch Software Developers From Across The Nation

Several reasons make Portland an enticing city for highly skilled software developers from across Oregon and beyond.

On the one hand, it is the fifth-best place for business and careers and the ninth-best place to live in the US.

Some of the factors that contribute to these high rankings are:

  • The job market growth
  • The quality of life
  • The people’s desire to live in the city

On the other hand, Portland is home to big tech employers that make the city even more welcoming for tech workers like:

  • Dell
  • Google
  • Siemens
  • KPMG

So, here you will find some of the best professionals that can execute your project successfully.

software developer portland: best places for business and careers
[Source: Forbes]

Fact #3: Portland Is Home To Some Of The Major Industries In The World

Unlike other competitors in the U.S.A., software developers in Portland are more likely to have acquired experience in the locally dominant industries, such as:

  • High tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Athletics and outdoor apparel

Working with local organizations, they have gained a deep understanding of the local ecosystem, industry trends, market challenges and opportunities.

So, they are uniquely positioned to better understand your business problems and develop a product that meets your needs and generates higher ROI.

Portland skyline
In 2019, Portland had 60,550 employees in the tech sector

What Services Can You Outsource To Portland Software Development Companies?

Some of the primary responsibilities of software development companies in Portland include:

  • Custom software development: These professional agencies specialize in building high-performance software systems tailored to specific industries as well as particular business processes, operations and sets of users. They are aimed at helping organizations optimize their businesses and boost their efficiency.
  • App development: Portland software companies offer various mobile app development services including Android app development, iPhone app development, hybrid app development, IoT application development and more. Their job is to connect their clients with their target audiences and drive more in-app purchases.
  • Web development: They build different types of websites like blogs and eCommerce sites from scratch or using templates. From UX/UI design to payment integrations and content migration, they offer various services to help businesses attract, engage and convert their particular audiences.
  • Audit and IT consulting: Software development companies in Portland, Oregon can audit your existing solutions or analyze the specific nature of your project and then provide professional advice on the best solutions and technologies to implement.
  • Software integration: They merge various IT systems from one database to another to create a unified single system to enhance the functionality of products. This can include data integration, API integration, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and more.
  • QA testing: Software development companies in Portland offer quality assurance (QA) testing services, a process that ensures the quality of a product following the standards defined for software products.
  • Post-launch support and maintenance: These professional agencies provide post-launch services, including regular maintenance such as monitoring and updating products to improve efficiency, eliminate crashes, fix bugs and more.
  • And more

How Much Does A Software Developer In Portland Charge?

The average hourly rate of the best software development companies in Portland ranges between $50 and $150.

Considering that these companies come in different shapes and sizes, this type of cost will depend on several aspects like their:

  • Company reputation
  • Developer experience
  • Team size
  • And more

As for the per project-based pricing, the cost can vary drastically from $50,000 to $250,000+ based on:

  • The development platform used
  • The UX/UI design
  • Testing
  • And more
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Why Should You Hire A Portland Software Development Company?

Businesses in the locally dominant sectors looking for a partner to develop software solutions should invest in a Portland software development company primarily because of their experience and industry expertise.

They have mostly worked with local organizations and clients, which allowed them to gain a deeper grasp of the challenges they face, as well as the industry trends and market opportunities.

Partnering with software development companies in Portland will also give you access to highly skilled talent.

The city is not only home to a highly educated workforce but it also entices some of the finest software developers from across the nation.

Given that they are highly skilled professionals, Portland software developers most likely have partnered with global brands, extending their experience to much broader audiences and beyond the most popular areas in the city.

For you, this means access to highly skilled professionals with a diverse mindset and competitive skills who can deliver services of the highest quality.

How To Choose The Best Software Developer In Portland, Oregon

Follow these steps to make sure you partner with the right software developer in Portland, Oregon:

Step #1: Find Out If They Have The Relevant Technical Expertise

Software development companies in Portland specialize in different types of services, solutions and technologies.

Ideally, you should only consider agencies that provide the type of services you need. For instance, if you are in the accounting sector and you’re looking for a company to build a data tracking system, seek an agency that has previous experience in working on similar projects.

Step #2: Read Their Reviews

Customer reviews will provide you with valuable information on these specialized companies’ reliability, flexibility and transparency.

These inputs will also help you evaluate their technical expertise, the quality of their output, collaboration skills, management style, company culture and more.

Step #3: Learn How They Secure Their Products

According to a recent cybersecurity market report, businesses are predicted to lose $5 trillion by 2024 due to cyber attacks. This highlights the importance of product security. Make sure the company you hire has a software security system in place to keep your data protected.

Step #4: Ask What Development Methodologies They Specialize In

During the development process, software development companies in Portland incorporate various best practices and implement different methodologies.

However, these methodologies come with their own advantages and disadvantages. This is why you should partner with an agency that understands the strengths and weaknesses of each development method and takes the time to research your business to ensure they use the right methodology based on your unique needs.

Step #5: Learn Which Team Members Will Work On Your Project

In addition to security protection and relevant technical expertise, the best software development companies in Portland should be equipped with highly skilled experts.

So, before you sign the contract with the right company, make sure you ask which team members will work on your project and what level of experience they have.

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15 Questions To Ask Software Development Companies In Portland, Oregon

These are the top 15 questions that you should ask prospective software development companies in Portland before you choose the right one for your project:

  1. Have you ever developed a solution for a similar business?
  2. How well do you understand our business model?
  3. How well do you understand our project requirements?
  4. Can you explain your software development process? How do you approach software development projects for every unique client?
  5. Will you conduct market research and what type of information will you collect?
  6. What technologies does your team specialize in?
  7. What involvement will be expected from our team during the process?
  8. What is your plan for long-term maintenance?
  9. What do the post-launch services include?
  10. What’s the timeline of the project?
  11. How do you handle any unexpected issues? Do you have a crisis management plan?
  12. What security measures do you have in place?
  13. How much is this project worth?
  14. Are there any additional fees we should be aware of?
  15. Why do you think your company is right for my project?

Takeaways On Software Development Companies In Portland

Software development companies in Portland can be the best choice for your upcoming project because they:

  • Employ top-notch talent
  • Offer high-quality services
  • Have local market know-how

Outsourcing your project to these companies may cost you somewhere between $50,000 and $250,000+.

The fee per hour ranges between $50 and $150.

To choose the best software developer in Portland for your business, take these steps:

  • Find out if they have the relevant technical expertise
  • Read their client reviews
  • Learn how they secure their products
  • Ask what development methodologies they specialize in
  • Check the team members and their level of experience

Best of luck!

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