What Makes Louisville, KY Website Design Companies Unique?

The city may be known for its bourbon and derby, but it’s not all there is to Louisville, Kentucky.

Business industries are thriving in the city, making their agencies highly skilled and experienced in the following enterprises:

Industry #1: Healthcare

Louisville is at the forefront of innovative healthcare and is witness to a lot of medical firsts.

It is one of the city’s biggest industries with more than $8 Billion in revenue.

This shows that people in Louisville are not afraid to push their limits to achieve results and succeed.

Industry #2: Business Services

Business services, including marketing, are getting bigger than ever as the industry is expected to grow by 20% in the next 10 years.

Multinational companies such as EY, Hogan Lovells, Mercer, Computershare all operate in Louisville, KY.

Agencies in Louisville may be small, but they are exposed to a lot of big brands.

Industry #3: Logistics and E-commerce

65% of the U.S. market is a day’s drive away from Kentucky.

No wonder it is home to the three major shipping companies. UPS Worldport is located at Louisville International Airport.

If your business is selling products and promoting them online, then an agency in Louisville may be for you.

Industry #4: Manufacturing

Louisville’s manufacturing GDP is higher than the rest of the U.S. and has grown by 31% since 2011.

Because of its diverse manufacturing economy, Forbes named Louisville a Top City for Manufacturing. It serves as the hub for companies like Ford, GE and Raytheon, to name a few.

Industry #5: Food and Beverage

95% of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky. The city’s proximity to the Ohio River helps keep the water costs low and natural resources abundant, which is ideal to sustain the food and beverage businesses.

Whether or not you sell Bourbon, agencies in Louisville can certainly help promote your product online.

louisville web design: screenshot of SmartAsset's Best Cities For Young Professionals List
[Source: SmartAsset]

Furthermore, SmartAsset ranked Louisville as one of the best cities for young professionals. This is due to the presence of global businesses, high quality of life and affordable cost of living.

Their local government is also working to accelerate their 21st century talent through partnerships with tech companies and organizations.

Louisville web design companies are sure to benefit from these growing industries coupled with the influx of promising young talents.

What Do Web Design Companies In Louisville, KY Specialize In?

Louisville web design companies offer a broad range of IT and marketing services. These are some of the top services they provide:

Specialization #1: Web Design and Development

A high-performing website can help your brand capture the market’s attention, provide more information on your products and/or services and convert visits into leads or sales.

Specialization #2: E-commerce Development

More brands are now beefing up their e-commerce platforms because online sales are expected to grow from $4.9 trillion to $6.4 trillion in 2024.

Having an e-commerce website that provides a seamless shopping experience is a must if you want to maximize the expected traffic.

Mobile shopping is also growing. Estimated sales via mobile devices are expected to amount to $3.79 trillion in 2022. Hence, your website developer must know how to make your online store mobile-optimized.

Specialization #3: WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most common CMS: 41% of online websites are on this platform.

Working with an agency that knows the ins and outs of WordPress and how to maximize its features can help make your project and website run smoothly.

Specialization #4: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is getting more competitive every year. Being up-to-date with strategies and trends is critical in ensuring a successful online campaign.

Good thing, agencies in Louisville, KY are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help market your brand online.

Louisville, KY skyline
Louisville, KY is experiencing growth in tech-related businesses.

Why Hire Louisville Web Designers? 

Reason #1: There are only a few key players in Louisville unlike other cities in the U.S.

The majority of the city’s workforce is involved in major industries like healthcare and logistics.

However, with the recent uptake in the tech industry, more people are expected to have a career in IT or open a business like a web design agency.

There has been a steady increase in the number of tech-related businesses. It is now at 667 from being merely 516 in 2018.

Reason #2: Lower cost for highly competitive rates.

As the city continues to invest in its IT industry, companies are now preparing for the growing competitive market.

They need to provide highly competitive hourly and project-based rates for onshore or nearshore website development while tapping into the country's up-and-coming talent.

Reason #3: The top Louisville web design agencies are small to medium-scale businesses.

As mentioned earlier, people have not considered working for Louisville web design companies until recently. That is why most of the top agencies only consist of less than 49 people.

If you prefer a very lean and hands-on team to handle your project, then you should consider hiring a Louisville web design agency.

How Much Do Web Design Companies in Louisville, KY Charge For Their Services?

The typical cost of web design ranges from $1,000 to $100,000. The amount relies on so many factors including:

A. Size

  • How many pages will the website have?
  • Will you require copywriting for every page?

B. Style

  • How elaborate do you need the design to be?


  • Would you require SEO optimization?

D. Functionality

  • Would you require a mobile-optimized website?
  • Do you need CMS integration?
  • Will it have e-commerce functionality?
  • Where will you store your database?

You can also estimate your web design costs based on the scale of your business. As your business grows, the more complex the website is going to be.

  • Small-scale Business: $1,000 to $10,000
  • Medium-scale Business: $10,000 to $50,000
  • Enterprise-level: $50,000 to $100,000

Compared to the national average, agencies in Louisville:

  • Charge their projects by the hour
  • Hourly rates range from $45 to $150
  • Typically cater to small-scale businesses
  • Are more affordable compared to nearby states that charge $100 per hour on average
Need inspiration for a web design?

How To Find the Right Louisville, KY Web Design Agency For Your Business?

There are many ways to filter the right agency for your business. It mainly depends on the requirement and which agency can best provide it.

Step #1: Check Their Specialization

As typical web design agencies go, the companies in Louisville offer a lot of similar services. However, agencies tend to specialize in some areas more than others. It’s important to know which one of these services would be most relevant to your needs.

Step #2: Review Their Portfolio

Find out which agency has done more similar projects to your requirement. They are most likely to be the right fit for your business given their familiarity.

By checking their portfolio, you will also get the chance to see which projects were successful and how the same can be applied to your project.

Step #3: Ask For Time Estimates and Budget

Different agencies operate with different teams.

Check how much time it would take each agency to finish the project and how it will affect the overall budget.

Step #4: Read Client Feedback

This will give you an idea of their work ethic, their relationship with clients and most especially, how they manage their projects.

10 Questions To Ask Web Design Companies in Louisville, KY

1. What similar projects have you done and can you show us some examples?

A company that has already built domain knowledge is likely to have a head start on your project.

This can save you time and money from all the possible trial-and-error.

2. Who will be in charge of the project and how experienced are they?

Experienced Louisville web designers can work on projects faster, thus maximizing hours spent on the project.

They can also suggest improvements and easily address concerns that you may have.

3. Do you outsource any of your services?

Knowing the people who will work on your project and be comfortable communicating with them is part of the job.

4. How familiar are you with the latest trends in web design?

Web designs constantly evolve as the market changes. Some trends that emerge can even help boost your website’s performance.

5. What added value or related services can you provide?

From copywriting to CMS integration, you should be able to identify the added services included in the agency’s web design package.

6. What is your process in developing web design?

This can tell you how long the whole project will take, as well as the agency’s approach and their step-by-step procedures to ensure quality work.

7. How often will you test the website before it goes live?

You want to make sure that the agency has strict QA practices.

8. Do you optimize websites for SEO?

SEO optimization is important in improving your website’s visibility and reach. Your agency should be able to provide you this service and develop a strategy for your brand.

9. Do you provide web support and maintenance after it goes live?

Issues can still occur despite frequent testing before and after the website launch.

Knowing that you will be able to request troubleshooting for any concerns that may arise is important.

10. Are there extra charges that we should know?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for web design. Project costs will be different depending on the scope of work.

Make sure you have the agency account for every service they will provide and be transparent with all the costs it will entail.

What is a modular web design?

Takeaways On Louisville Web Design Agencies

Louisville, KY is home to global businesses that value the city’s balance of cost and benefit. It is also becoming a growing hub for a lot of major industries.

Clients who work with agencies in Louisville prefer their services for the following reasons:

  • Small to medium-scale agencies have a more hands-on team.
  • They are experienced in web design and other related services.
  • There’s an influx of millennials and Gen Zs choosing to work at Louisville, KY.
  • They have worked with companies in top industries.
  • They offer cost-friendly services.

Whether you are a local or someone looking for quality work at an affordable price, Louisville, KY is worth checking out. Their top agencies may be few, but they can certainly offer more value.