ASOS eCommerce app design overview

The ASOS Shopping App Design Uses A Clean, White Theme To Improve User Experience

The ASOS shopping app is a mobile application extension of the apparel brand of the same name.

The app follows the modern trend for shopping apps and websites that dictates a clean, white layout throughout.

To save the appearance from being too plain, the app designers used high-quality imagery with multi-colored graphic elements to break the monotony of white background.

The app’s crucial elements, such as the search bar, category navigation and menu items, stand out very clearly against this simple wireframe. The ASOS logo is also quite cutting-edge and suitable for this kind of user-centric environment.

The white and minimalistic app design screams user-friendly and engages users, ensuring they won’t be turned away due to clutter and an overwhelming layout.

The ASOS app does a fine job in providing a sleek, understandable user interface that aids users in their search for an item they wish to buy, instead of distracting them.

ASOS app design

ASOS App Navigation Turns A Complex Category Structure Into An Effortless User Journey

User journey and navigation are the most complex aspects of any eCommerce website or app – especially a large and comprehensive one such as ASOS.

To alleviate the user’s navigation around a massive collection of categories and items, the app has strategically separated certain sections into several groups.

The first category a user can choose and browse through is “Women/Men,” at the very top of the app’s screen. Choosing one will show only the shopping options for the selected gender.

The top level of the navigation menu contains “Home,” “Categories" and “New In.” The home page of the app showcases the best and recommended deals, while the Categories option takes the user into the familiar territory of clothing, shoes, accessories, brands, etc.

Going a level beneath that, the app opens a new screen with more subcategories, such as jeans, chinos, shirts, suits and more.

The transition between these complex categories is seamless and very fast, due to the app’s lightweight nature.

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ASOS User Account Menu And Filter Options Are Always Within Reach Via Sliding Panels

At the top-left, the hamburger menu icon contains a hidden sliding menu that consists of the user’s account options and preferences.

The user's shopping cart, saved items, app settings, help and FAQs as well as a dark mode switch are all present here, along with other essential app-experiences like gift voucher and Afterpay info.

The product pages contain the hidden sliding menu to the right, with product filtering options.

Using these filters, users can search for different product types, sizes, colors, body fits, brands and styles.

ASOS eCommerce app design

The Advanced Search Function Has An AR-Powered “Match With Style” Option

Certainly one of the two biggest stand out features this app offers is the augmented reality-powered search engine.

The app lets users find items based on a photo they take or upload. This feature, called “Match With Style,” helps users replicate the look by finding the same or similar items in the shop.

Users can either take a photo in real-time or upload an existing photo from their phone or tablet. The app’s software analyzes the photo and finds the exact match for every piece of clothing the person on the photo wears.

This cutting-edge feature that introduces a new dimension of shopping to eCommerce is an enhancement over the fairly standard but helpful search engine that generates suggestions as the user types.

ASOS shopping app design

The Product Pages On ASOS Shopping App Help Inform Buyers’ Decisions With Well-Arranged Content

The most important part of any eCommerce app or website is the product page.

These are the pages that a majority of digital marketing campaigns lead to – directly to the specific item. That’s why it is extremely important that they are optimized for attracting users’ attention and aligning with their shopping intent.

On the ASOS app, the product page opens with high-quality images of a clothing item – with a model wearing it and on its own – and neatly arranges other vital info such as price, specification, composition, color option, sizes and more.

To help users make an informed decision, product pages include user reviews and a rating scale for item fit and material.

ASOS product pages even feature the signature catwalk videos for all the clothes, shoes and accessories, so the users get the feel of how they look in motion and real life.

ASOS Shopping App's Slick Design Is A Beacon For The Rapidly Growing eCommerce Industry

ASOS’ own value proposition messaging for their app goes as follows:

“Get this for iOS or Android and you’ll have 850+ brands in your pocket, with free delivery – great, right? Available on your phone, Apple Watch or tablet, a card scanner does all the hard work at checkout and we’ll send you sales alerts. Your Saved Items will all be in there and we’ll take note of what you've bought and show you even more of what you want on your Your Edit page.”

The fast checkout is the second stand-out feature of this app. It lets users add a new credit card with the app’s camera card scanner for the quickest checkout ever, which is a clever way to greatly reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The app’s push notifications alert users to new promo sales and even remind them when the sale is about to end.

The ASOS app does not experiment with a flashy layout or vibrant colors. The name of the game in the eCommerce business is legibility, readability and intuitive navigation. That's why most brand professionals prioritize a clean and user-friendly design that focuses on functionality and ease of use. It simplifies the shopping experience!

The app does what the users expect – present the items and categories in an orderly, easy-to-understand fashion.

Sporting an edgy design that loads fast and is glitch-free, the ASOS eCommerce app design takes the convenience of mobile device shopping and adds to it a touch of cool and inventiveness.

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