AutoGravity Minimal App Design

AutoGravity is the app that promises to take the hassle and stress out of getting a car loan. The app allows users to search for the car they want and then apply to receive loan offers from the leading lenders in the industry.

The AutoGravity app offers a streamlined experience and a slick design. The homescreen lays out the process of getting a loan in four easy steps. The first step is to search for the make and model that the user’s looking for. Popular models are shown in a carousel at the top of the screen for quick access, with the full catalog of models listed below. Vehicle listing pages include a breakdown of the cost of the car and how that translated to estimated monthly payments. Users can adjust options, such as how much they’re going to put down on the car, and the term of the loan.

Once the details of the loan are selected, the user moves on to the next step -- finding a dealer. This is handled through a map view and can be auto-populated based on the user’s location. With the dealer selected, users then move to the financing step, where they can apply and receive up to four loan offers. The app’s interface makes it easy to compare the load offers and to weigh the benefits of one against the other.

AutoGravity has made major strides towards simplifying the car-buying process by making it easier to understand and select financing options. The straightforward, contemporary app interface does even more to make the platform a winner.

AutoGravity is a minimal app design in the Automotive industry.