TrueCar Clean App Design

TrueCar is a service that helps take the guesswork and uncertainty out of negotiating a fair price on a car by giving users insight into what others have paid for the same vehicle.

On launching the TrueCar app for the first time, the user is guided through a helpful onboarding process that explains the key tasks they  can achieve with the app. This helps make sure users are familiar with the app’s uses and benefits before diving in.

Users are prompted from the home screen to begin a new search, encouraging them to begin the exploration process right away. Users have the option to search by brand or by category (ie; convertible, SUV, coupe, etc.), and they can toggle back and forth between new and used. Search results are displayed in a minimalist vertical scrolling listing format featuring an image of the car, model name, seating capacity, and starting price.

Car listing pages are packed with useful content, like estimated savings and key vehicle details. Users can save specific cars in order to generate a list of the options they’re most interested in.

The TrueCar app features a fairly minimalist, modern interface that makes sifting through a huge inventory of results as simple as possible. Data is presented in a way that makes it easy to consume and key information is strategically emphasized to allow for at-a-glance comparisons. The wide range of inventory and the promise of greater savings in the car-buying process make the TrueCar app a valuable resource for vehicle shoppers.

TrueCar is a clean app design in the Automotive industry.