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Waze’s Mobile App Is Changing How We Get To Our Destinations

Need an easier way to commute from point A to point B? Waze is the application for you.

Waze is a well-known and much-loved traffic app that crowdsources traffic information to help drivers get to their destinations as quickly as possible by avoiding delays, pileups, and accidents.

It’s an ingenious app concept that gets drivers involved and interacting with others on the road, creating a driving experience that is efficient, fast and seamless. No more worrying about a cop hiding up ahead or an accident that could derail you and your plans.

This GPS navigation software was first launched in 2006, but ws acquired by Google in 2013. It was also in this year that Waze won the Mobile World Congress award for Best Overall App design.

Since its acquisition, this app has grown in popularity and scope, with new features -- like the ability to update people real-time with your estimated time of arrival -- that have only aided in the growth of this application.

Waze has gone international, now working and creating maps in 13 countries. These countries include the U.S., the U.K, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Panama, South Africa and the Philippines. But the company isn’t stopping anytime soon, and plans on expanding its reach to other European countries.

But what makes this app so popular? It’s not just the concept, but its ease-of-use and clever functionalities that make it a true knockout.

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Waze’s User-Friendly App Interface Is Simple And Stunning

On launching Waze for the first time, the user is taken through an onboarding process that details the key features of the app. Each feature's introduction includes explainer text and images with engaging animations that help the user get a sense of the power of the app.

This app gives users all the information they need upfront so they don’t have to go searching later — and considering this app is used for traffic navigation, you don’t really have the luxury to figure it out as you go.

The Waze app is perhaps the most powerful drive-planning app on the market. Not only does it give users GPS guidance on how to reach their destination, it also lets them know the distance and arrival time, as well as displays potentially interesting or relevant stops along the route.

Users can start a trip now, or they can schedule the trip for a later time and Waze will notify them of when it’s time to leave based on the current traffic conditions. Users can even connect Facebook and their calendar so that Waze can automatically plan routes to upcoming events and send notifications when it’s time to hit the road. If the user’s destination is a business, Waze displays business hours, contact details and images.

Waze gives real-time, up-to-the-minute updates on driving conditions. It beautifully displays your route and what bumps you might hit along the way — accidents, road work and police sightings. It also has a helpful speed feature that lets you know how fast you’re going and what the speed limit in that area is.

Get quick, brief overviews of your journey or get in-depth updates on your progress — it’s up to you how much information you want to get out of the app. And it’s helpful integration into your contacts allows you to send updates with a sipe to let people know where you are and when you’ll be arriving.

This seamless app is fun too! Clever animations and cute imagery make this app extremely friendly, engaging and approachable. There isn’t a corporate feel to the design that makes it hard to interact with.

Waze works for its users. Its simple interface, easy navigation and intuitive features make getting to your next after-work event of family gathering a breeze. Don’t waste another minute looking up directions online or listening to boring traffic reports. The Waze app has got your back.

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The Waze App Design Revolutionizes Traffic Navigation With An Easy-To-Use, Intuitive Interface

The Waze app is a cute and clever design that adds a playful personality to your daily commute.

Whether heading out on a long, unfamiliar journey or navigating to work on a busy morning, the Waze app has all the information you need for your commute ahead and then some.

The Waze interface is friendly and approachable. The cartoon Waze mascot punctuates the app experience and other animated icons are used to designate different types of locations and traffic issues. Overall, the app is highly user-friendly and offers a best in class navigation experience with majorly impressive bonus features.

Waze is a stunning app design that transforms how we get from point A to point B. It’s a fun and stylish design that makes commuting a dream, taking the stress out of getting to your next destination.