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Petar Pesic
By Petar Pesic
Last updated: April 10, 2024
  • Look into automotive apps that excel in user experience and aesthetics with sleek interfaces 
  • Find automotive apps that simplify vehicle care and selection, offering an intuitive platform for maintenance and navigation
  • Explore these top automotive app designs and see how design revolutionizes the automotive industry 

Best App Designs 2023 - 2024

  • Waze Homescreen App Design
    Waze's app design offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface with playful animations and real-time navigation updates, enhancing the driving experience.
  • Autolist Modern App Design
    Autolist's app design is solid, and the design offers a modern, user-friendly browsing experience.
    Industries: Automotive
  • Car Buying Guide & Ratings User-Friendly App Design
    Car Buying Guide & Ratings
    The interface is smooth and user-friendly, and the features of the app have been planned with the needs of the conscientious car-buyer in mind.
    Industries: Automotive
  • TrueCar Clean App Design
    The TrueCar app features a fairly minimalist, modern interface that makes sifting through a huge inventory of results as simple as possible.
    Industries: Automotive
  • GasBuddy User-Friendly App Design
    GasBuddy app finds nearby gas stations with the best prices using a clean, user-friendly design. Its lightweight typography and easy navigation enhance the experience.
  • Simple App Design app simplifies finding new and used cars with streamlined navigation. Its search-centric design, card layout, and sticky filters enhance the user experience.
    Industries: Automotive
  • Instamotor Clean App Design
    Instamotor app connects car buyers directly with private sellers, offering a smooth peer-to-peer experience. Clean, concise listings, and quick search options streamline the process.
    Industries: Automotive
  • AutoGravity Minimal App Design
    AutoGravity streamlines car loan applications with a clean, minimal design. Users can easily search for cars, adjust loan options, and compare financing offers through its streamlined UI.
    Industries: Automotive
  • Blinker Clean App Design
    Lightweight typography and plentiful white space used throughout the interface keep the experience feeling airy and uncluttered.
    Industries: Automotive

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of app design and development. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best logo designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, and most importantly, brand recognition. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take app aesthetics and features to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of app design excellence. 

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