Between Playful App Design

Between is a relationship app designed for couples. According to the app designer, “Between is a mobile app for couples in love! Chat, track anniversaries, share photos and video, and plan your schedules together all in one private space.”

On launching Between for the first time, users are taken through an onboarding process that highlights the key use cases for the app. They’re then prompted to create an account and invite their significant other to join. Users only have one contact on Between -- their significant other -- and that helps keep the experience feeling both intimate and private.

Between offers a handful of features that are already available in other forms, notably messaging and voice calls. The chat aspect of the app is boosted with custom GIFs and stickers in cutesy designs, and voice calls are free when done over wifi.

The more unique features of the app include a shared calendar, an anniversary tracking calendar, and photo albums.

With the shared calendar couples can keep track of events they’re doing together and the anniversary calendar ensure no important relationship date goes forgotten. The photo functionality allows Between to act as a digital scrapbook where couples can store notes and memories that are special to them.

Between has a playful design that encourages couples to express themselves. The design is fairly minimal, though illustrations and user photography punctuate the experience to add visual interest.

Between is a playful app design in the Entertainment industry. 

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