Hey! VINA Simple App Design

Hey! VINA positions itself as “the Tinder for (girl) friends!” It’s an app designed to help facilitate the process of meeting and making new female friends. The message the app puts forward is one of empowerment: “Hey! VINA empowers women to choose community over competition and to tap into the power of a supportive global community of awesome women just like them.”

On logging into the app for the first time, the user is taken through an onboarding process that explains how Hey! VINA works and what users can expect from the experience of the app. Users are then guided through a quick quiz to help identify their preferences for hanging out and having fun. Other quizzes are also available to give users insights into their friendship language and learn more about themselves.

The app has a modern, youthful, vibrant aesthetic that is likely to be distinctly appealing to Hey! VINA’s target audience (millennial women). Hand-painted flourishes, custom iconography, and feminine typography give the app unique visual appeal. The gamified nature of quizzes also makes entering information feel fun instead of like a chore.

To find relevant potential friends through the app, users can join communities of like-minded people (ie; working moms, yogis, runners, and lit lovers, to name a few. This feature helps users explore the platform in greater depth and customize their options for a more personalized experience. A robust user account area of the app allows users to keep track of their activity and bulk up their profile details whenever they choose.

Hey! VINA is a simple app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.

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