Premier League Modern App Design

Premier league is an app that allows users to follow their favorite soccer (football) teams and keep track of scores and all the latest news and updates from the players and teams they love.

The app has a quick onboarding process which asks users to select the teams they’re interested in following, and select whether or not they’d like to receive emailed updates. Once the user has indicated each of the teams they want to follow, they’re taken to the app’s home screen.

The home screen is a long-scrolling page filled with tons of information for diehard football fans, including upcoming fixtures, league table, latest results, and the latest news about whichever teams the user is following. This timely and frequently updated info makes it more likely that users will want to check in with the app regularly.

Navigation of the app is done through a tabbed menu that runs along the screen. Each menu item is represented by a pairing of iconography and text, highlighted in white with a brightly-colored underscore whenever a user is browsing within that tab.

Under the Premier League tab users can see customized fixtures, results, and tables based on the teams they’re following. They can also sign in to access fantasy football under the Fantasy tab. The Stats tab tracks the top stats of the season.

The Premier League app is packed full of content that will entertain and inform dedicated fans. It has a modern design and a cool, edgy aesthetic. The dark purple background is punctuated by various bright, nearly neon colors. Navigation is well-handled through a tabbed menu, while a large button links guide users to deeper content within each section. Overall, the Premier League app is a well-designed destination for all the latest in football news.

Premier League is a modern app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.