boox Elegant App Design

We all use our phones to take photos, and most of us takes dozens of photos every single week. But it’s far less common that we actually get those photos printed so they can exist in the real world beyond our devices. That’s why the boox app exists -- to help users preserve their photo memories for posterity in the form of photo books. For those who want more options besides photo books, boox also offers print boxes and calendars.

Creating a photo book with the boox app is incredibly easy. From the home screen, the user simply chooses from three options -- photo book, print box or calendar. The next screen provides details including starting price, estimated delivery and information about the product. Once the user selects “Create Memories,” the app populates photos from their photo stream. The user selects as many photos as they like and then makes whichever customization options are available.

The boox app has an appealingly minimalist design. Lightweight typography and plentiful use of white space keep the experience feeling fresh and modern. A handful of subtle animations, including scrolling images and a meteor effect create a dynamic shopping experience. Navigation is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, including options for  “Home,” “My Stories” and orders.

By drawing on the user’s built-in photo albums, the boox app makes the process of creating and ordering printed photos easier than it’s ever been. The experience of shopping on the app is both intuitive and enjoyable.

boox is an elegant app design in the Arts & Recreation industry.