Picsart Clean App Design

Picsart is a platform designed to allow users to create custom collages from their photos and add magical photo effects to their images.

The Picsart app truly does have some magical effects. Users can choose photos from their photo reel and import them into the app for editing. With a photo imported, the editing options are limitless, including a huge range of “magic” options that turn photos from ordinary images to works of art. Users can also add stickers and do a range of ordinary editing task, like free cropping, stretching, enhancing, and motion. Editing options are available to the user through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, consisting of iconography and helper text. The menu options are updated depending on which area the user is in at the moment.

Picsart has a large and engaged community of users, and there are options to explore the content created by the community. Users can also searched based on keywords and hashtags to find content they’re most interested in. Images appear in a feed and can be tapped to expand. Users can like and comment on images, and follow other users they like. The user can also see an exclusive feed of their activity and responses, as well as a feed limited to the people they follow.

The Picsart app has a staggering number of options for users who want to jazz up their images with fun effects. The navigation of the app is fairly intuitive, though the editing tools do have a bit of a learning curve, as one might expect on a platform of this nature. A fun, upbeat aesthetic aligns well with the purpose of the app and will appeal to the platform’s most likely demographic of young, social media-savvy users. 

Picsart is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.