Punkpost Fun App Design

Punkpost Handwritten Cards is an app that lets users build personal greeting cards with custom typography done by real artists and deliver them directly to their desired recipients.

Upon logging in for the first time, users are taken through a brief onboarding process. This process explains how the app works via a set of horizontally scrolling screens. Each screen is well designed to reflect the personality of the app, and to clearly explain the features and function of the app.

The home screen of the app encourages users to discover content by featuring cards in a variety of categories, particularly those related to upcoming holidays. Within each featured category, the user can scroll horizontally to see the types of cards that can be created.

Once the user selects a card they can choose the writing style they prefer, each of which is visually represented in a series of buttons. Writing styles include elegant, simple, formal, and fun. The user can then type their personal message for the inside of the card. This message will be transcribed by an artist in the handwriting style they’ve selected.

The app gives users the ability to add birthdays for friends and family so they’ll never forget to send a card again. They can also view their outbox and manage their contacts from the tabbed navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

The Punkpost app offers users a well-executed design and a unique value proposition. It’s a compelling alternative to traditional greeting cards that builds masterfully on the contemporary mania for personalization.

Punkpost is a fun app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.