BrewBook app design

BrewBook App Design Streamlines The Beer-Making Process With Its Several Key Features

Brewtech AS is an enterprise that produces and sells equipment for home beer brewers and microbreweries. Their app, BrewBook, makes it possible to use the brewing equipment remotely to monitor and control the entire beer-making process.

According to Oriented Soft, the app development agency behind BrewBook, the design is a result of meticulous brainstorming with the client in finding ways to turn the equipment into a functioning product.

This app’s defining features are:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connection to brewing machines
  • Remote access to all brewing equipment in one app
  • Ability to make and save your own recipes
  • Two modes of use, for expert and amateur brewers
  • Simple screen setup

As per the creative agency’s case study page, “with the help of this system, it will be easier to observe and control the whole process, plan and choose recipes in regards to style, alcohol strength (ABV), bitterness (IBU), and colour (EBC).”

Despite the complexity and variety of functions and features, the BrewBook app’s usability is quite intuitive and simple, thanks to a convenient set of tools and menus. Its convenient UI is bolstered with an aesthetically pleasing design that combines dark mode with vivid colors and white text.

This exemplifies how app designers reconcile form and function, creating a seamless experience that doesn't sacrifice aesthetic appeal for usability.

BrewBook app design by Oriented Soft

Bright Accent Colors Perfectly Complement BrewBook’s Dark Mode

The essential quality of the BrewBook app design is that it uses dark mode, instead of the ever-popular lighter themes which dominate the app design sector.

The app’s design and functionality are a result of over 300 wireframe studies. In total, there are 150 UX screens and 120 UI screens in the finished app product.

The complexity of the app development is partly due to the screens varying in their design and general look. The app’s features dictate a great diversity of screens: for example, the screen for each brewing stage differs for each type of beer.

The timers, progress bars and sliders show different values for each brewing process, but they use the same color palette throughout. The numbers come in different sizes, depending on their purpose. The font is a legible, sans-serif type and stands out clearly against the black background.

The only dashes of color are the red, yellow, orange and green on progress bars, signifying how far a certain brewing process has advanced. The graphs, the copy and the numbers are all very crisp and sharp, resulting in a very slick and cutting-edge appeal.

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BrewBook App Offers Two Modes For Different Levels Of Expertise

The user can choose between two distinct modes of use: Automatic and Manual. The former is suitable for inexperienced brewers, who are new to this craft, and the letter is appropriate for seasoned experts in this field.

Depending on the chosen mode, the app will adjust the entire UI according to the level of the user’s knowledge. In Automatic mode, some more advanced functionalities will be omitted and handled automatically by the app.

Despite the difference in difficulty, the BrewBook app works just the same across both modes: Manual mode is just as fast as the Automatic, even though it is much more intricate.

BrewBook app

Step-By-Step Descriptions In BrewBook Simplify The Complex Brewing Process

When developing this app, Oriented Soft’s main goal was to create an intuitive user experience that covers all the stages of creating or recreating a custom beer.

The BrewBook app design supports users during the entire process by featuring explanatory screens that describe the how-to of each brewing stage.

It helps the user adapt to the proper use of the app while also controlling all machines in one place.

BrewBook App Design Proves That Complex Ideas Can Be Converted Into A Functional Mobile Application

Oriented Soft’s BrewBook app design takes a very unorthodox craft and makes it easier with an array of functionalities and UX-oriented design.

The visibility is enhanced with a slick dark mode and wonderfully accentuated elements. The UI, although quite complex, is not complicated: the step-by-step process is easy to follow and is adaptable to the level of the user’s knowledge.

Plenty of different moving parts went into this project: product design, UX design, UI design, 3D visualization, motion and graphic design, advertising...Not to mention the best practices branding experts follow – consistently using color, typography, and strategic positioning to ensure the app stands out.

The business impact of this app is evident in over 500 satisfied clients in Europe, the entering of a new market in North America and the development of new AI-based features to be used on future projects.

For all said and done and for the revolutionary impact the app will potentially have on the beer brewing market, the BrewBook app design wins our Best App Design Award!

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