Darkroom Contemporary App Design

As our mobile phone cameras continue to grow more and more powerful with every passing year, the desire to be able to manipulate, enhance, and edit the huge numbers of photos we’re creating grows in tandem. Darkroom is a mobile app that satisfies that desire to create totally unique and custom images from the photos we capture on our phones.

On launching the Darkroom for the first time, the app walks users through a brief onboarding process that highlights key features and details the benefits of buying Pro Tools. This onboarding process helps orient users to the platform and make sure they’re able to get the most out of their experience editing on the app.

And there certainly is a lot you can do with Darkroom. It’s a very powerful photo editing tool, and one that takes itself seriously. According to Darkroom, “We skip fantasy and novelty and focus on what matters for photographers.” This is reflected in the huge range of editing tools and effects that are available on the app. With such a plethora of options Darkroom promises to streamline your photo editing workflow by becoming the only app you need to accomplish whatever editing task your heart desires.

Using the app is simple and intuitive, though it may take some time to recognize and remember each of the icons used to represent different editing effects. As one might expect from an app called “Darkroom”, the interface is done is a slick dark palette that makes the experience feel elegant and high-end. A bright purple accent color keeps things interesting and creates a distinct visual impression.

Darkroom is a contemporary app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.