Barbie Fashion Closet Playful App Design

The Barbie Fashion Closet app by Mattel is a dress-up game experience for kids to create and customize their very own Barbie characters.

The app works by allowing the user to select from a number of Barbie characters. The app is highly animated, so when selected from a lineup of Barbies, each one makes subtle movements and smiles and waves when selected. The user can scroll right and left to see different Barbies to choose from, though some are only available with an in-app purchase, which is represented by the character being slightly greyed-out and overlaid with a lock icon.

With an avatar selected the user proceeds through a number of customization options, such as makeup, hair, and outfit. The user can choose, for example, a hairstyle, and then select from different hair color shades, tapping the head to apply the shade, or using their finger to apply lipstick or eyeshadow.

Once the Barbie has been fully customized, the user is prompted to pick a setting for their Barbie as well as a pose. An image is captured and then the user can choose from a range of Instagram-style filters to further customize the image. An album icon on the home screen gives users access to all their past creations, which can be downloaded directly to their camera roll and shared elsewhere.

The Barbie Fashion Closet app has a fun, playful design which will appeal to a young demographic. Bright colors are used throughout, and large buttons and text make using the app easy even for young audiences. The app also makes good use of animation to keep the experience engaging, and to give positive reinforcement to the user for the choices they’ve made throughout the customization process.  

Barbie Fashion Closet is a playful app design in the arts & recreation and entertainment industries.