Wonderous App Design

Wonderous App Design by gSkinner Showcases Flutter’s Extensive and Intuitive UI/UX Capabilities

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In the app and UI design world, Flutter promises one thing: to help mobile app designers create beautiful and user-friendly apps with absolutely no limitations.

Exhibit A: the Wonderous app, conceived by the design and development experts at gskinner using Flutter. The brand worked with the agency to live up to its promise and bring its vision to life.

The result? A gorgeous reference app that showcases the beauty of a tailored UI!

Opening the app is like stepping into a museum that immerses you in our civilization's different periods. It features the eight historical wonders of the world: from The Great Wall of China to Machu Picchu in Peru.

The app displays a full-screen slider filled with image cards for each destination. Users have to swipe sideways to jump from one place to another – an instant world tour right at their fingertips!

Wonderous App Design by gskinner

Wonderous App Design Makes Learning Fun Through an Interactive Platform Loaded With Stunning Visuals and Content

Wonderous isn't just a demo app showcasing Flutter's robust design and development capabilities. It's also a fully-functional, valuable and exciting app allowing users to navigate the intersection of history, art and culture.

The designers at gskinner leveraged the breathtaking digital illustrations of the Wonders of the World, each with its distinct visual characteristics yet still very much cohesive in the overall look.

Modern sketches, vibrant colors, grainy textures and other creative visual touches make the browsing experience more engaging and aesthetically pleasing (Learn more about the benefits of color psychology in marketing).

Plus, the designers intensified the app's animations and transitions – the perfect way to bring the wonder of these historical sites to life! Animating most visual app elements and integrating parallax scrolling features keep the users hooked and make the app 10x more interactive.

As mentioned, the app educates and entertains, so it's not just for show. Each image card opens to a full-page scrollable layout filled with facts, stories and other bite-sized information.

Several icons also lay at the bottom of the page, serving as navigation buttons for users to view more images, browse artifacts, and learn more about each site.

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gskinner Takes Audience Down a History Trip With Wonderous App’s Scrollable Global Timeline

Users can use the hamburger menu on the app's home section as an alternative navigation window to jump from one site to another.

But that's not all – this section also contains several CTA buttons: an About section that shares important details about the app, an Artifact Viewer and our favorite: an "Explore the Timeline" option.

Once clicked, the button opens to a sleek and dark-themed timeline of our world's most significant periods from the Prehistoric to the Modern era.

Users can scroll through the timeline to learn about the Wonders of the World. An iconized illustration of the structure represents each site, stretched according to the time covered.

The timeline also contains several points that display significant events and historical information surrounding the establishment of each structure. This way, it's easier for users to learn about the site using this slider, even without diving deep into the content cards.

gskinner app design for Wonderous App

Wonderous App Design Allows Users To Uncover Remarkable Human-Made Structures and Collect Digital Artifacts

The Wonderous app provides a stunning view of the world's most prominent structures and takes users on a complete journey to the past.


Each image card representing a historic site contains a dedicated section where users can browse popular and unpopular artifacts from these specific periods.

A "Browse All Artifacts" CTA button redirects users to another page containing a catalog of artifacts and a short timeline slider for a faster browsing experience.

Each artifact is clickable. It opens a page that displays a captivating image and a list of all the necessary details about the historical piece.

An entertaining and educative digital museum, indeed!

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