Expedia Clean App Design

Expedia is one of the best-known travel-booking hospitality sites on the web today. The platform allows users to search and book travel including flights, hotels, and rental cars. It aggregates results from around the web in order to present a variety of results to users so they can locate the best deal for their needs.

Searching for travel on the app is simple. The user’s current location is populated as a result when they begin the search, and suggested inputs are auto-populated as the user types. While the app is working on returning the results, a simple animation is shown, previewing the display of results and working to reduce interstitial anxiety between the submission of a query and the population of content.

Search results are shown in a card-based, long-scrolling layout that makes it easy for users to get a quick overview of what’s available. The design of the cards is minimalist, allowing the user to focus in on the key details. Iconography is used to indicate a “hot” ticket”, aka one where few seats are left at the current rate. Users can of course filter and sort results based on personal travel preferences and criteria.  

Navigation is handled through visual links to different categories of travel on the home screen, as well as a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen linking users to their trip and account information.

The Expedia app has a bold blue color palette used as the main visual element throughout the app, set against a white and grey backdrop. A yellow accent color is used in places to punctuate the experience and draw attention to calls-to-action. Overall, the design of the app is impressively modern. Judicious use of white space keeps it from feeling cluttered or overwhelming the way many travel sites often do.

Expedia is a clean app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.