Let's Fly app design by Giraffe Studios

Let’s Fly App Makes Travel Easier With Remarkably Simple Navigation & Features

Let’s Fly is an Android and iOS app that helps users find the most affordable flight prices to thousands of destinations around the world.

It was designed and developed by Giraffe Studio, a team of programmers, designers, marketers and copywriters from Krakow, Poland.

The idea behind Let’s Fly app was to solve the common issue of finding an inexpensive plane ticket quickly and easily.

The greatest challenge in the development phase was creating a search engine that would filter massive databases with millions of available flights, scheduled for months in advance.

Giraffe Studio succeeded in this endeavor by providing users with extensive lists of low-cost flights, including info on transfers, discounts, airlines, flight durations and, of course, ticket prices.

As far as app usability goes, the primary goal was to design a simple and legible app with an intuitive UI for the majority of users. Every professional app designer knows that simplicity and legibility are key factors in designing a successful user interface. A complex or confusing interface can deter users, regardless of the app's functionalities

To say that the agency did well in this regard would be an understatement. Let’s Fly’s navigation is exceptionally simple — it consists of only three links to these app pages: “Find flights,” “Followed” and “Profile.”

The lack of features and functionalities keeps the app strictly focused on its main purpose: locating the most affordable flight to the desired destination at the desired date.

Let's Fly app design

A List Of Available Flights Delivers Mandatory Info In A Tidy & Organized Fashion

“Find flights” is Let’s Fly app’s opening screen that appears when the user launches the app. At the top of the screen, the user can switch between looking for one-way or round-trip tickets

Right below is the main portion of the screen, sporting a very simplistic design: a straightforward form containing four fields: “Passengers” (the number of travelers), “From,” “To” and “Departure” (date of flight).

Clicking on any will open a smaller screen at the bottom half of the screen that lets the user enter their input. Tapping on the big, round button with the illustration of a plane takes the user to a list page populated with all the available flights for the chosen input.

The flight list page, like most of other Fly App pages, is not embellished with excessive graphics and colors. It is plain white and contains nothing but the most essential info on each flight.

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Let's Fly App

Let’s Fly App’s "Find Flights” Screen Has Three Main Functions

Clicking on the blue text “Details” will open another screen with the time and date of the flight, airplane transfers and time to change.

Clicking the blue “Choose” button takes the user to the service provider page where they can purchase the ticket(s).

At the bottom of the flight list screen is the sticky “Follow” button which creates a shortcut to the chosen flight by sending it to the “Followed” menu item. This is a place that keeps track of all the flights a user is interested in and alerts them daily on changing ticket prices via push notifications.

Let's Fly App by Giraffe Studios

A Carefully Crafted Color Palette & Animated Visuals Give Zest & Zing To Let's Fly App

For the most part, Let’s Fly app design is purpose-centered and oriented towards getting the job done for the user.

This “substance over style” approach could have resulted in a dire appearance that wouldn’t exactly turn heads. But Giraffe Studio’s creative team came to the rescue and added some liveliness to the app with colors and visuals.

White is the primary color of the app’s background. It also features as the method for creating negative space that improves readability.

Branding experts understand the importance of using color strategically to guide users' attention and actions. Salmon pink and dark purple complement the white in the app’s upper and bottom frame, as well as in highlight elements such as buttons and CTAs.

Design-wise, one of the first things a user will notice are the curved corners (top-right and bottom-left). This slight anomaly on the app's "facade" makes it more interesting to look at.

A final touch to the Let’s Fly app’s design is the colorful illustration of workers maintaining a plane that slides in from the side of the screen.

Let's Fly smartphone app interface

Let’s Fly App Design Is A Masterclass In Effortless UX, Practicality & Convenience

Let’s Fly App design is a result of fully understanding the target audience’s main pain points.

The app is direct, no-nonsense and straight to the point. No fancy features, no inessential content: just the massive, searchable database containing the solutions to said pain points.

The developer worked diligently on UI and UX design, database integration, backend solutions and QA testing to keep it all running smoothly regardless of the mobile platform.

In their Let’s Fly case study, Giraffe Studio declares:

“Within three months we’ve created a unique product which is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, functionality and stunning design. The Let’s Fly app is noteworthy due to its potential (practicality and convenience), form (transparency and intuitiveness) and originality. We are particularly pleased to create such a unique application in its category.”
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