Holidu Elegant App Design

The Holidu app is designed to help users find and book the best holiday accommodations. The platform aggregates results from all across the web in order to give users access to a wide range of holiday rental options.

The Holidu app wastes no time in getting users to search for their dream holiday rental property. The home screen is designed with a large, stunning image of a sample rental property, overlaid with a simple search bar. Once a user begins typing a location name, the app begin auto-populating results, saving the user time and reducing the burden of typing.

Search results are listed in a card-based format, with each card featuring a large image of the property, as well as a property listing title, price, location, and average rating. There’s also an editorial rating that points out when a certain property offers a “very good” or “fantastic” value for the price.

On the property listing page, users can explore even more photos, and read in detail about the property. The listing includes a quick overview of amenities, represented by icons and helper text, so users can easily see if it meets their needs. A bold call-to-action sticks to the bottom of the screen so it’s always visible as the user explores the listing. The user is redirected to the main listing site to complete the booking if they’re interested.

Users can also save their trips in the app and invite friends who can vote on selecting one place over the other, and access itinerary details.

The Holidu app has a functional, aesthetically-pleasing design, and a clear value proposition. Property listing pages are well set-up to sell the best aspects of the property and entice users to book. Navigation is totally seamless and user-friendly, allowing users to focus on finding their dream rental.

Holidu is an elegant app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.