Kayak Minimal App Design

The Kayak app is an essential travel companion for anyone who values simplicity and transparency in booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. It’s a travel booking app that aggregates results from booking sites all across the web, so users get access to thousands of booking results all in one place.

The Kayak app has a truly modern design aesthetic that makes it stand out among booking sites. On logging in users choose either Hotels, Flights, or Cars from a visual tabbed navigation at the top of the screen. All distractions are stripped away, so the path forward is simple -- the app gets the user searching fast. Upon selecting travel dates, a map view indicates which days are the best to fly based on price, which is a useful way to give users helpful information right up front, before they even execute their search.

Search results are shown in a card-based list that makes it easy to differentiate between results. Airline logos are used to visually represent which airline the offered fare is from. The app also gives users the option to scroll between different presentations of the results -- either viewing Cheapest, Recommended, Quickest, or Earliest. Kayak’s advice on whether to buy now or wait for fares to drop is displayed at the top of the results. What’s more, a whole host of filtering options allows users to find the flights, hotels, and cars that match their specifications to a T.

The app manages to take a lot of information and present it in an orderly, pleasant fashion. Liberal use of whitespace makes it easy to interpret search results, despite the built-in complexities of displaying air travel information (takeoff, landing, layovers, departure and arrival points, price). A gray and white background is punctuated by the bright orange of the Kayak logo. 

Kayak is a best app design in the e-commerce & retail, hospitality and travel industries.