Wyndham Rewards Corporate App Design

The Wyndham Rewards app is designed to encourage users to search and book through their app, rewarding them with booking points when they do. With the app users can keep tabs on how many points they’ve earned and see how those points can be redeemed to earn free or discounted stays at Wyndham properties.

On launching the app, the user is encouraged to either log in or join the rewards program in order to get the full benefit from using the app. Users are also given the option to go a quick search, using a city, address or zip. Below the search widget, users are shown a listing of hotels near their current location, making it easy for travelers on the go to find and book a stay. For users who are really on the go (as in no hands free), the app even has a feature that lets the user request a call-back from a booking associate at the property of their choice.

The search results listing screen includes both a list view and a map view. The map view makes it easy to find properties in specific locations, each indicated by a brand logo stamp on the map. Users can of course also refine the results to find the most relevant properties quickly.

Each hotel listing on the app features a scrolling carousel of property images, as well as pertinent property details including address, amenities, dining, average rating from TripAdvisor reviews, as well as an overview of pricing when paying in full or redeeming rewards points.

The design of the Wyndham app puts the focus on getting users to search and book through the app, a key goal of hotels competing with booking sites. The emphasis on rewards makes the app a useful and beneficial resource for frequent travelers.

Wyndham Rewards is a corporate app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.