CheapOair Corporate App Design

CheapOair exists to help users find the best prices on air travel, hotel bookings, and car rentals. The CheapOair app makes it easy to book and access trips and reservations directly on a mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

The “cheap” attribute in the name CheapOair does not extend to the mobile app experience, which feels thoughtfully designed and easy to use.

Searching is simple, and the results returned are easily filtered and navigated. A clear tabbed navigation at the top of the results lets users toggle back and forth between the cheapest, shortest, and recommended “CheapO” selections. Results are presented in a long-scrolling, card-based layout that gives users a quick snapshot of what’s available based on their criteria. Users can also filter the results based on a number of key factors like airline, price, takeoff or landing time, number of stops, and airport preference.

Once the user selected an option, they’re taken to the flight detail pages where they can review their selection and add travel protection and assistance options. The app also lets the user know if they can save money by adjusting their travel dates.

Navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. This menu is overlaid on the screen background, as opposed to enclosed in a box, giving the app a more open, modern feel. Menu items are represented by icons paired with helper text.

The app has an updated design that puts the focus on allowing users to explore and select the best travel options. Photography is used wherever possible to punch up the experience -- for example, when a search is done for flights to San Francisco, a view of the Golden Gate Bridge is used on the search results page. The CheapOair app is a solid resource for anyone who likes to travel on a budget.

CheapOair is a corporate app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.