My Three Houses Playful App Design

My Three Houses is an app that aims to help child protection workers connect with the children they are helping by using the communication methods that children understand best. This app is an important bridge between the mind of a child and the mind of a protection worker, ultimately allowing for a greater understanding between the two.

My Three Houses Fun App Design

When using the app, children are able to communicate the good and bad things in their lives by simply drawing and categorizing. The designers had to be careful to ensure that their app is easy-to-use for children, while still offering a robust experience that provides valuable information to child protection workers. Large buttons are used, making it simple for children to choose their drawing tools and colors.

The design of the graphics in the app is similar to the illustrations that the child will be creating. This makes the app seem more like a fun coloring book instead of a complex child protection services tool.

My Three Houses App Design

Navigating the app is also very simple. Large typography makes the information easy to read, and big, orange buttons clearly stand out to make navigation options clear. The designers were careful not to implement too much text that could overwhelm a child who is still developing their reading skills.

This app is the perfect example of a technology that connects children with people that are trying to help them. When using words, children cannot communicate on the same level as a professional. The My Three Houses app allows children to express themselves by using the interactive methods they know best. The result is a valuable tool for children protection workers.

My Three Houses is a playful app design in the non-profit and professional services industries.