JAM Fresh App Design

JAM is an online learning platform designed to teach kids skills and topics they don’t learn at school. The platform has materials for kids up to age 14. JAM courses are designed by educators and experts in their specific fields. The platform offers courses in things like “how to cook for yourself” and “how to build your own machine”.

The JAM app allows kids to access their courses on their mobile devices so they can learn on the go. Each course is taught by a mentor, and that mentor has created a series of videos illustrating concepts, techniques, and challenges for each step of the learning process. The platform is flexible, and students can complete the modules within a course in whatever order they choose at their own pace. The idea is to encourage progress and momentum, even if it occurs at a slower pace. Users of the platform can also share their work with the JAM community, so ideas and inspiration get spread across the platform. Each course is tagged with specific skills and life experience learners will gain, so it’s easy to see how the program will contribute to the child’s growth and skills-development.

The JAM app has a fresh and modern design aesthetic. Browsing and selecting courses is easy, and within each course the modules are clearly delineated. A soothing palette of pastel colors is used throughout as a backdrop for the learning materials. Really strong visuals represent the different course and give the app a distinct, memorable aesthetic.

JAM is a fresh app design in the education industry.