Seesaw Awesome App Design

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio where students are able to collect, archive, and share their work. The app gives teachers and parents access to the student’s portfolio, so everyone is kept in the loop and communication can be managed seamlessly.

The Seesaw app allows children to upload their work to the platform so they can monitor their own progress over time and feel empowered by the work they’re able to create. The Seesaw app also helps parents stay on top of what their children are learning and access a bird’s eye view of their day so learning can continue in the home.

The Seesaw app uses many built-in smartphone features to enhance the user’s experience of the platform. Students can use their cameras to upload photos to the platform and the microphone to include audio recordings documenting their thoughts, ideas, and notes on what they’ve learned. Teachers, parents, and peers can like and comment on work, building an engaged audience for students to interact with.

Seesaw offers a safe environment for students -- teachers approve or reject work before it gets posted to the platform to make sure everything posted is safe for consumption.

The Seesaw app makes it easy for students to upload their work. A set of iconographic menu options indicate different ways to upload content, and built-in tags allow students to annotate their work. The app is designed in a simple blue, grey, and white palette with different colors that indicate specific tags and user actions.

Seesaw is an awesome app design in the education industry.