Old Sport Minimal App Design

Old Sport is an app designed help users create classic and inventive cocktails with the ingredients they have in their cupboard. For those who are new to the cocktail game, Old Sport offers up a list of essential ingredients that are used in many (if not most) cocktails. Users can use this list to stock their cupboards and get started. From there, users can also toggle through a menu of more exotic ingredients to indicate what other ingredients they have at their disposal.

Once the ingredients have been selected, the app returns a menu of cocktail ideas. Cocktails are presented in a simple list which includes the name of the cocktail, a list of its ingredients, and an icon to represent which type of glass the drink is meant to be served in (eg; coupe, highball, martini, etc.). The recipe page is also minimalist, with details on the glass type, the method of preparation, a list of ingredients, and the detailed instructions for mixing the drink.

Below the suggested cocktails the app recommends based on the ingredients the user has on hand, there is also a list of cocktails that can be made with the purchase of one additional ingredient. The missing ingredient is indicated in italicized red text, making it easy to identify.

Users who know exactly what they’re looking for, or those who are searching for a cocktail with a specific spirit or ingredient, can make use of the search bar. A search for “gin” for example, will return results with the word “gin” in them (Gin Fizz, Gin and Tonic), as well as cocktails with the ingredient gin (Aviation No. 1, Bramble).

The Old Sport app has a minimalist design, but it’s highly effective in directing users to content, and the breadth of recipes available makes it a solid resource for cocktail lovers.

Old Sport is a minimal app design in the Entertainment and Food & Beverage industries.