Abuk App Design

ABUK App Design Breathes New Life to Old Books Through Impressive Aesthetics

ABUK is a Ukrainian audiobook app for smartphones and tablets. Tubik Studio ensured that ABUK stands out from similar programs by developing an exceptional app design.

In the last century, technological breakthroughs greatly affected how we consume media. This includes books, prompting the book-lovers to adapt to the modern era by allowing them to “read” via listening to audiobooks.

However, this evolution is radical and moves fast. We’ve seen audiobooks move from CDs to apps we can explore. Despite improving the practicality, this shift disregarded the aesthetic side of the modern reading era. But that’s not the case with ABUK. Their app design is a prime example of how wonderful this transition can be, encouraging more people every day to embrace the world of audiobooks.

This extensive library is full of Ukranian-translated books with high-quality sound recordings, and Tubik Studio accompanies each of them with vibrant visuals of equal quality.

ABUK’s Vibrant Category Classification Acts as a Magical Hallway to New Worlds

ABUK might be an audiobook app, but the visuals are as exciting as the books. And that transcends the book covers.

Rather than a dull textual depiction of the categories, ABUK’s categories are divided through stunning visuals, each decorated with a stimulating, authentic illustration that paints the world of the genre.

This diverse approach, typically practiced by most mobile app developers, improves the user experience as it takes them on an artistic journey by browsing through the categories. It also establishes an emotional background by using colorful symbolism that pulls the user in and sets the stage for an exciting listening experience.

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Rich color story

ABUK’s App Design Refresh the Book’s Appeal Through Innovative Vivid Covers

The common practice of translating the books’ covers from printed to digital versions usually includes simple resizing and adapting the original book covers to the required format of the record’s packaging.

Tubik Studio’s design team recognized that the end result often sacrifices the original aesthetics and legibility, so they took a drastically different approach for the ABUK’s book covers.

The app features brand-new illustrations for book covers, retaining their original appeal and improving them while giving them a fresh, modern look.

But their dedication did not end there. They decided to diversify the covers further by providing 3D artwork for medium-level book covers and 2D illustrations for full covers.

Variety of visuals

Two Levels of Book Covers’ Representation Demonstrate the Endless Variety of Stunning Visuals

The team ensured that diversity doesn’t come at the cost of consistency.

The 3D covers focused on establishing a connection with the reader through a single focus point. All the 3D covers revolve around a prominent visual symbol that hints at the book’s plot, usually accompanied by a unicolor background. This unified design concept is essential to maintain branding, as most branding agencies would suggest. 

Furthermore, the concept enhanced the originality of the visual design, luring the reader to enter the book’s unique world by forming an emotional connection.

On the other hand, the new 2D book covers encompass a vast collection of custom-made storytelling illustrations. These opened the doors for more complex color palettes, patterns, textures and various visual effects. Each imaginative cover transitioned from a rough idea sketch to a digital, polished illustration.

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