Airbnb iPhone App Design

The Airbnb App Stuns With Modernity And Sophistication

As a service, Airbnb hardly needs an introduction. The platform is a pioneer in what’s become known as the “sharing economy” -- where a service facilitates a peer-to-peer transaction. In the case of Airbnb, homeowners rent out their properties, or rooms within their properties, to travelers looking for a more authentic (and usually cheaper) place to stay.

Airbnb fosters a community of travelers and explorers. It’s a platform that was founded in 2008 to connect people with affordable housing options across the globe. Users can choose from renting beds, bedrooms, and entire properties.

And the platform recently expanded to also include what it calls “Experiences,” allowing users to book activities and adventures guided and hosted by locals.

Travelers can now create entire travel experiences based on the destination of their choosing. They can choose activities, experiences, restaurants and more all from the same comprehensive platform.

Today, the Airbnb services are available in millions of homes across 191 different countries worldwide.

It’s an iconic brand that has grown in the 10 years since its conception, offering more homes in more destinations and with a more comprehensive list of functions and filters that help users create the experience that’s right for them.

This platform was originally created for desktop use, but the brand has evolved, creating a mobile platform that does everything the brand has been known for with ease and efficiency.

Airbnb Discover App Design

Airbnb’s App Combines The Platform’s Comprehensive Functionalities Into One Simple Interface

The Airbnb app is an essential mobile tool for those who use the platform often, or indeed anyone looking for a good deal on accommodation. The app features full platform functionality -- anything a user can do on the desktop site is also available via the app. And this is its biggest selling point, with a wide variety of features, functionalities, filter options, “Discover” opportunities and more.

The app is comprehensive, fully functional and easy to use. The menu is clearly displayed and the layout is clean and intuitive.

Searching for a property is easy, and filtering is available to make it simple for users to find the property that meets their precise specifications. The app is also packed with tons of avenues to browse and explore. Recommendations about for properties and experiences that the app thinks the user will like.

Of course, communication and booking details are stored in the app, so users have access to all their info on the go. They can also save properties and create bucket lists of places and experiences they’d like to try.

This app doesn’t sacrifice content for form, and instead seamlessly organizes its offerings, filter options, and account information in an easy-to-navigate way.

Map features clearly layout possible homes and room-sharing opportunities. Each listing is clearly displayed in a large, visually driven image. And additional categories included in the app make it simple to create a travel experience that is dream-worthy.

And being able to have such wide variety of options on a mobile platform is new and exciting. In many instances, an app often lacks most of the functionality seen on a desktop. But with the Airbnb app, users can get the same experience they’d have on any other digital platform.

But it’s not just the wide range of features included in the app that makes it stand out.

The design of the app is defined by a modern, flat aesthetic. Typography is kept minimal and lightweight, and colors are done in the muted palettes that have come to dominate web design in the past few years. Iconography is put to good use to represent property features, such as pet-friendliness, offers parking, first aid kit available, and so on. Plentiful white space surrounding photography and left between listing makes the app feel breezy to use and focuses the user’s attention on key information.

Branding is consistent within the app — with similar icons, and a breezy pink and white color scheme that is bright, airy and engaging.

Airbnb is at the top if its game, and you can see it clearly in its intuitive, comprehensive and clean app design.

Airbnb Map App Design

Airbnb’s Mobile Platform Makes Home Sharing And Travel Booking Easy

The Airbnb app is a fully functional, intuitive and engaging mobile interface that makes booking your next trip and finding your newest home away from home a fun and seamless process.

Its interface is extremely clean, consistent with the overall Airbnb branding and modern. A clear menu bar and simple icons direct users across the app, and the platform itself is oriented in a modern, fresh and sophisticated way. Categories are clearly marked, the map is highly interactive and intuitive and finding all the relevant information is just a few swipes away.

This modern, fun and bright app is the answer to all your travel questions. And it gives users the ability to perform actions on its mobile platform just as easily as they can on its desktop version.