Smith Hotels Clean App Design

The Smith Hotels app is all about providing top of the line hotel recommendations to the truly hotel-savvy consumer that values luxury, style, and service.

The app offers many pathways to discover new, high-end hotels. The home screen features the platforms “tempt me” listings -- basically hotel listings that the platform is promoting in various locations around the globe.

For those with a more specific destination in mind, listings of all the Smith Hotels locations can be accessed through a hamburger menu located in the top right corner of the screen. Here users can search for a location or browse through a list of countries represented through a series of poster images. Within each country listing, the user can drill down by city or region to come up with a comprehensive list of properties. Each city page has curated content detailing what’s to love about the location. The app also pulls together a handful of “collections” where properties within certain categories are featured, for example all child-friendly hotels, or honeymoon hotspots.

Each hotel detail page presents the property in the best possible light. High-quality imagery takes up much of the screen space, commanding the user’s attention. There’s also tons of details about the hotel itself, all written in a witty, approachable tone that gives the a distinct personality.

The design aesthetic of the Smith Hotels app matches the luxurious nature of the properties they list. The emphasis on gorgeous photography makes the experience of using the app immersive and transportative. Card-based navigation within categories makes the app easy to use, and the visual nature of each card works to pull the user in to a new location or property. Minimalist typography and plentiful use of white space gives the app a contemporary vibe.

Smith Hotels is a clean app design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.