Yelp Top App Design

Yelp can truly be called a travel staple. Even for those “traveling” in their own city, Yelp is an essential companion for finding the best places to eat, drink, caffeinate, and do nearly any other task or errand that comprises daily life.

Upon launching the Yelp app, the home screen works hard to encourage users to browse content. There’s a prominent search bar for those users who know exactly what they’re looking for. Below that is an illustrated iconography menu that allows users to explore popular categories, like restaurants, hair salons, bars, and takeout. If all else fails, the app uses the user’s current location to highlight establishments in their immediate vicinity.

Business listings are packed with all the information users have come to expect from Yelp. A large photo is featured at the top of the listing, along with prominent placement of the business’ average reviews (based on a 5-pt scale). Directions and click to call options are available on the listing as well, providing useful integrations with built-in smartphone features. And of course there are the reviews themselves, including top review highlights as well as recommended reviews. Active Yelpers can use the app to leave a rating and a review, and to track what new activity there is from users in their area.

The design of the Yelp app mimics the design of their site, but it’s been customized to meet the specific needs of the mobile user. Yelp’s trademark bold red logo color is used through the app to designate businesses with the highest ratings, and to orient users within the main navigation which comes in the form of a tabbed menu along the bottom of the screen. Horizontal scrolling is put to good use for exploration of content and photos.

Yelp is a top app design in the e-commerce & retail, food & beverage, hospitality and travel industries.