Hitlist Top App Design

Hitlist is a travel app that promises to find users the best deals on airfare. It’s a great resource for deal watchers and thrifty travelers who have a bit more flexibility on trip timing.

On logging in, the app offers up tons of exploratory content, showing the the best deals on getaways as well as curated lists of destinations based around themes. These themes are timely and based around user activity and interest, so the curated lists provide good incentive for users to check in on a regular basis.

Within each destination, Hitlist displays a stunning image of the location which can be explored horizontally through movement of the phone. Each page has tons of useful features, allowing users to indicate whether they’re interested in visiting, linking to book accommodations on Airbnb or Booking.com, and a bar graph representing seasonal pricing changes for flights. There’s also a breakdown that outlines what qualifies as average, good, great, and spectacular flight pricing for that location based on the user’s home airport.

If users aren’t interested in exploring and know exactly where they’re hoping to go, they can add destinations to their Hitlist in the My Hitlist section of the app. The app shows the best deals to the desired destination, and the user can filter the results based on a number of factors, like duration of stay or departure day.

The design of the Hitlist app is impressive. It has a distinctly modern appeal with an intuitive navigation. The high-quality photography makes the experience of using Hitlist feel high-end, even if the prices of the flights are not! Though the background of app is white, and much of the typography is done in basic grey and black, color is judiciously employed throughout to orient the user in the navigation and indicate how hot (or not) a specific deal is.

Hitlist is a top app design in the hospitality and travel industries.