Strava App Clean App Design

Strava is a run and cycle tracking app that allows users to track their workouts and keep tabs on their performance. The app uses GPS to track the user’s activity and then posts it to their feed, fulfilling the promise to “connect the world’s athletes”.

The Strava app promises to track any metric a fitness buff could possibly care about, including distance, pace, elevation gain, and heart rate. All of the metrics are available for users to explore once their activity is complete, and a full history means they can measure gains and track overall progress.

But more than just tracking features, Strava has robust social connectivity. Users can post their activity and their friends can weigh in with encouragement, congratulations, or commentary. Leaderboards allow users to get competitive and encourage frequent use of the platform. Users can also connect with one of the many clubs who have a presence on the Strava app, which adds a further element of community.

The app also has a built-in safety feature called Beacon that allows users to share their location with three people. That way if the user is lost or injured, someone always knows where they are and can get help if necessary. It’s a unique feature in the fitness tracking market, and makes Strava a good bet for athletes who take safety seriously.

The Strava app has a bold, modern design that’s custom-built for athletes. While the app is tracking an activity, stats are shown in large text for easy readability while running or cycling. Buttons are large and easy to select, even during movement. The social feed is elegant, with full-width photography and an inset map view. Overall, Strava’s impressive feature set, contemporary design, and robust community make it a standout in the fitness tracking field. 

Strava is a clean app design in the Sports & Leisure industry.