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8fit Personalizes Exercise And Nutrition Regimes With An Intuitive Step-By-Step Interface

8fit is a fitness planning and tracking mobile app. The stripped-down nature of its design stems from its interactive purpose of asking for user feedback and providing immediate solutions.

When launching the app for the first time, the user is asked about their current body type, age, height, weight and end goals. 8fit uses this onboarding data to create a highly customized daily workout and meal plan for every user.

Right off the bat, 8fit’s defining visual qualities become apparent: lots of white space and spartan use of graphics and typography lead the user through the app’s multi-step process.

This onboarding stage of the app provides direction for the user’s progress and health routine. The opening personalization screens also set the tone for the rest of the app’s visual identity, as white space and overall minimalism are a recurring theme.

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8fit App’s Feed Page Supplies Relevant Daily Content In Neatly Presented Sections

The app’s main functionalities and features are contained in the main menu at the bottom of the screen.

There are five menu items/tabs with recognizable icons as visual aids: “Feed,” “Workout,” “Logging,” “Meals” and “Profile.” Mobile app designers often leverage iconography to enhance the user experience and improve navigation within the app

The Feed represents the selection of daily curated content that helps the user achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The only graphically-rich visual element on this page is the daily workout reminder with a CTA button.

Down below, in carefully arranged sections, there is an overview of weekly goals with a progress bar, featured articles, recipes, challenges and meditation tips.

The app even encourages users to get to know all of the coaches from the workout videos, by including coach bios and a list of featured videos.

Finally, the weekly overview of classes, exercises and meal plans uses tabs for each day, along with consistent visual language on a white background, with minimum copy and accompanying shots in mute colors.

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Hi-Def Videos And Rudimentary Fonts Keep Users Focused On Their Objectives

The “Workout” tab focuses on the key aspect of 8fit: the highly tailored physical fitness plan with exercise categories and the user’s own workout plan is the highlight of the page.

The workout preview page contains a brief description of the routine, total time and how many calories the user can expect to burn.

The video exercises themselves are arranged in a column with a small preview icon, the name of the exercise and short description of each set.

Tapping on one will open a video showing one of the coaches performing the exercise and an explanation of the amount of sets the user should perform, with simple play/pause, previous and next commands at the bottom.

Nothing but minimal copy, lots of white space and the most elementary of fonts exist on the workout page, which is all about keeping the user focused on their routine.

8fit Keeps Track Of User Progress With A Gamified Achievements Page And Logging Feature

The “Logging” button opens a sliding window that allows users to log their daily weight, meal plan and information about their activities, such as walking, biking, swimming, sexual activity, weight lifting, yoga and so on.

This is one of 8fit’s key features that encourages users to commit to their health routine and stick to it. Users can also set reminders for their scheduled workouts by enabling push notifications, which ensures frequent engagement with the app.

This particular section is all about self-care and guidance to whole-body health and wellness through a highly intuitive interface. It transforms the usual concept of fitness apps, which typically focus on workouts. Instead, 8fit strived for lasting changes in the user’s lifestyle

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The Meals Section Uses Slick Photography And A Carrousel Effect To Offer Customized Recipes

While the use of photography is quite measured and restrained, weekly and daily exercise classes come with professional footage filmed in the app’s studio in Berlin.

The same can be said about the “Meals” section. This is where users create and access their custom meal plans and nutrition advice, designed to help them achieve their goals.

Vibrant images of savory dishes complement every day’s meal schedule and swiping produces a slick carousel effect.

8fit’s Clear And Contrasting CTA Buttons Spring Users Into Action

8fit’s call-to-action buttons offer a welcome break from the overall clean and white design – they are vivid green and easily visible — prompting the user into action. This is precisely how branding experts use distinct visual contrasts to help users quickly identify and interact with the desired actions.

The CTA copy varies depending on the purpose but it’s never overly casual. After all, the end goal is to make users take their healthy lifestyle seriously and develop a habit of daily app use.

Overall, 8fit’s bright and clean design advocates efficient workout plans and permanent positive changes in the lives of its users.

Healthy habits and an active lifestyle are accentuated by the freshness of the accent colors – bright green, sky blue and ripe peach – while easy-to-understand navigation requires little to no effort from users to find what they need.

8fit explains its mission and values by looking to instate these traits in their users: bravery, compassion, accountability and willingness to have fun in the process. All to “transform the concept of fitness from the pursuit of perfection, to a liberating journey of healthy, body-positive and lasting changes.”

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