Sworkit User-Friendly App Design

The Sworkit app is a fitness app for anyone looking to get fit or meet their health goals but isn’t quite sure where to get started. The app works like a personal trainer, guiding the user toward workouts that will help them achieve the goals they specify. With Sworkit, users choose a workout plan and the app does the work of coaching them through the workouts.

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This is the main selling point, if you will. Top app development professionals specializing in crafting convenient fitness apps provide highly customizable mobile experiences.

For users who don’t want to create and stick to a pre-determined plan, there are tons of customizable workouts to choose from. Users can choose a type of exercise -- strength, cardio, yoga -- and then select an area of focus from within that exercise category. Users pick the length of their workout and the app does the rest.

Each move within a workout is demonstrated by a model video, so there’s never any question about how to do the exercise. For each move, there’s a brief built-in demonstration so users know what to do before they jump in. Audio cues are given the keep the user on track, counting down to the beginning of an exercise and announcing the next exercise. It’s a handy feature for users who don’t need the visual cues and want to focus in on their workout without looking at the screen.

Overall, the Sworkit app offers impressive customization, particularly to its premium subscribers. The app also has built-in features to reward users for coming back and using the app often, which encourages repeat, habitual use. A simple tabbed menu along the bottom of the screen pairs with card-based menus within tabs to make navigation simple and intuitive. High-quality, aesthetically unified photography makes the experience of the app feel premium, while the workouts have been expertly calibrated to work well for mobile users. 

Sworkit is a user-friendly app design in the Sports & Leisure industry.

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