DreamLab Innovative App Design

DreamLab is an innovative effort that seeks to help cancer researchers use the massive network of idle mobile phones to solve complex cancer problems. In fact, the network of phones is more powerful than a supercomputer. Users can download the app and allow their personal smartphone to be part of something amazing.

DreamLab Dark App Design

A dark, dream-like background is used throughout the app. Most information is very clearly displayed, and the colors pop out against the dark background. Because this app simply runs in the background and uses your phone’s processing power, there’s not a lot to do inside it. DreamLab knew people would want to check the app and see how they have personally helped, so they put that information in the foreground for quick reference, rather than making users dive through multiple menus.

DreamLab Clean App Design

Users who want updates on the program can easily sign up with a simple form. The form maintains the purple color scheme that’s maintained throughout the rest of the app. It’s clean and easy to complete, and there isn’t much text or over-explanation to the process. This helps maintain the clean look of the entire application.

DreamLab Information Pages

There is also a gallery of cancer information pages within the app to help educate users. The pages are meant to shed light on the diseases users are helping fight by donating their smartphone’s idle processing power. These pages use clean, white text and a blue background to maintain the same appearance as the rest of the app.

Doing good can look good, too. DreamLab is a beautifully designed app that people will be proud to install on their devices.

DreamLab is an innovative app design in the non-profit and technology industries.