Tablet Amazing App Design

Tablet is all about helping users escape the ordinary hotel scene, dominated as it is by everything bland, boring, and beige. Tablet says the anonymity and loneliness these experiences can create spurred their team to create a place where users could discover extraordinary hotel experiences. Tablet sends their own experts to stay in and review hotels, and only hotels they’ve approved show up on the site. Users can book their stay directly through Tablet, and they guarantee the lowest available rates.

Upon launching the app, users are taken through a quick onboarding process which includes four screens with key usage tips for the app. After swiping through each one, users are taken to the main search area of the app, which is also the default home screen. Users can choose to search for hotels near them, or search for a specific destination or hotel. Searching for hotels nearby brings the user to a slick map view, which flags nearby hotels with pins that feature the nightly rate. Users can pinch and zoom to move around the map, or scroll through the hotels listed at the bottom of the map, which will automatically advance the map to the location of the selected hotel.

Each hotel page features high quality images of the hotel and a brief summary of the vibe of the place (eg; “Cutting-Edge & Happening”). There are also reviews, a list of amenities, an overview of the hotel, and a breakdown of room types available.   

The design of the app is striking. It employs a bright red accent color against a black background with white typography. It’s an unexpected design choice that makes the experience of using the Tablet app more memorable than it might otherwise be. Overall, the Tablet app is a great resource for travelers looking to book hotels that are anything but ordinary.

Tablet is an amazing app design in the e-commerce & retail, hospitality and travel industries.