Tandem Modern App Design

Tandem is a language learning app where users join a community of other Tandem users to develop skills together. Tandem bills itself as a mobile language exchange program where language learners have conversations with native speakers. This helps learners practice listening and pronunciation from the people who know the language natively.

In order to start using the app, users must answer a few questions about themselves, their goals, and their ideal language learning partners. Their application must be approved by Tandem before they can log in and officially begin using the platform.

Once users have been approved though, they can search for a speaker of the language they’re interested in and invite them to begin a conversation. Conversations can happen via text, video call, audio call, and audio message. The app has a handy built-in text correction feature to correct errors in text messages, so users learn on the fly and can improve their conversational skills. Users indicate the things they’re interested in discussing so that the platform can help facilitate interaction between users with similar interests. That way conversations are both engaging and educational.

The app has a bright and lively design that makes it feel like a place users will want to spend time. Users have profiles with photos, bios, and icons representing their nationality and language practices. A flat design keeps the app feeling modern and fresh, while advanced features and functionality solidify its position as a go-to language learning tool for users looking to improve their linguistic expertise. 

Tandem is a modern app design in the education industry.