Awesome App Design

The app acts as a personal travel assistant, making recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and bars to visit based on the user’s current location. More than merely suggesting things that are nearby though, the app will make recommendations based on time of day (where to get a good coffee in the morning) and weather forecast (best things activities for rainy days).

The personalization of the experience of using the app is admirable -- beyond location-based recommendations, the app asks users to designate their home city and identify their key interests, like adventure, family activities, and history. These designations are used to show even more relevant suggestions to the user.

Within categories, the app uses a card-based design to allow users to scroll horizontally through each business listing. Listings include a photo of the establishment, a map view, address, and user reviews.

The app encourages engagement by gamifying the review process. Users have the opportunity to write reviews to unlock levels, badges, and trophies, and engage with the wider community. Users can create virtual postcards with their own images and insights into a location, local trend, or establishment. These postcards are displayed in a feed within the user’s “activity” section. relies heavily on a card-based design that allows users to easily scroll through many listings within a category. The app’s background is done in basic gray and white with lightweight black and grey typography. Color is used to designate specific categories of content -- blue for outdoor activities, muted orange for coffee and food. A bold, bright shade of pink is used to highlight calls-to-action and orient the user within the navigation. is an awesome app design in the travel industry.