Best Western Clean App Design

The Best Western app is designed to encourage users to book their stays directly with the brand and to help them easily view and manage their upcoming trips.

Booking a room through the app is the main function of the app, and a booking widget takes center stage on the home screen. Users can search by typing in a location or use their current GPS location. A modern calendar widget is employed to make selecting dates easy and reduce the burden on the user to type in their travel dates. While the app is populating the search results, a brief animation shows on screen with a message that results are being sourced. This transitional effect helps reduce interstitial anxiety between the time a request is submitted and the results are populated.

The search results listings are presented in a card-based, long-scrolling layout that allows users to get a quick glimpse at the options available. Each hotel card features a photo of the property, the distance from the location the user input in their search criteria, and a price per night. There’s a strong visual consistency among the images used on the property cards, which helps create a unified aesthetic experience.

Each property listing itself feature multiple large images from different areas of the hotel, as well as key property details. The property pages have excellent visual distinction between elements, making it easy to differentiate between different types of content and allowing users to digest information quickly. There’s even a map view that displays nearby attractions, so users can get a good sense of the area before booking. Amenities are clearly listed and represented with a set of icons.

The Best Western app has a contemporary, user-friendly design that makes it easy to search, find, and book a stay at any Best Western property.

Best Western is a clean app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.