GasBuddy User-Friendly App Design

When you’re on the road, finding a gas station nearby can be annoying enough as it is, but finding the one with the best price would be a fool’s errand if it weren’t for the GasBuddy app. GasBuddy helps users find gas stations nearby and automatically lets them know what the best price on gas in their vicinity is.

The app uses the user’s location to generate a list of the nearest gas stations. The list is automatically sorted by price from lowest to highest, but users can also choose to filter based on station amenities or brand. The results listings include the brand name, the current price (for whichever fuel grade the user has pre-selected), the last time the price was updated, the station’s location, and the average rating aggregated from user reviews.

Each station listing itself contains a map view and even more detailed information, including an overview of amenities and where the station earns top marks as well as which aspects of the experience could use a little improvement. Users can favorite the location, get directions, leave a review, and update the most recent prices.

GasBuddy offers a straightforward benefit to its users: Find the best prices on gas at the stations in your immediate vicinity. It offers this benefit in the form of a user-friendly interface that makes key details easy to consume. The design is contemporary, with lightweight typography, card-based search results listing, and a tabbed navigation that runs along the bottom of the screen. This app will not disappoint frequent travelers.

GasBuddy is a user-friendly app design in the Automotive industry.