Truth or Dare Playful App Design

Truth or Dare is a party app designed to bring the analog game to young audiences with the convenience of a mobile app. The Truth or Dare app takes the effort and pressure out of having to think up new questions and dares -- it does all the work.

Using the app is simple. Users can choose from a handful of games — the two primary ones being, of course, truth or dare. The app also has the games “Never Have I Ever,” “Spin the Bottle,” and a couples mode that is designed to be limited to two players. For users looking to play Truth or Dare, they must select a difficulty level -- easy, medium, or hard -- and the questions and dares that are presented will be variable based on the level of difficulty selected.

The presentation of questions and dares is done through a card-based design. Buttons labeled “T” and “D” allow users to toggle back and forth between Truth and Dare, and to advance to the next question the user simply taps either letter. Each card features the question in large, bold text that can be easily read in a group setting, and an animated GIF meant to connect to the idea or theme in the question.

The app has a simple aesthetic that works well for a party game app. Many party game apps are clunky and cluttered with content and obnoxious ads that take up precious screen space. The Truth or Dare app does have ads, but they’re shown intermittently between questions. The app has a black background against which the white question cards are set. Color is put to good use to identify either a Truth (in blue) or a Dare (in red). Overall, the app achieves its main purpose: a fun mobile experience to help bring the party to life.

Truth or Dare is a playful app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.